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Casablanca Travel Services / Wyndham Get UP & Go

1 6300 Canoga Ave Suite 500Woodland Hills, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-289-9961

My employer provided us Wyndham Vacation Resort Get up and Go certificates as a promotion. These certificates are supposed to proved a 3 day 2 night stay at one of 13 resorts around the country. I chose Anaheim. You must apply for the certificate within a time frame. You then have to reserve at least 60 days in advance and finally you have to pay $60 up front. I've been calling for two weeks now and finally after a 20 minute wait - reached one of the representatives. The first words out of her mouth when I provided her the certificate number was that the only availability for a call on 11/06/08 was between March 1 and April 18. To get a date beyond April 18, I have to call in two weeks. When I mentioned that I was already calling 60 days in advance of when I wanted to reserve and that they had already eliminated another 60 days - and that the certificate is only good for one year - she was both rude and apathetic. Tonisha's response was that the certificate is based upon availability. Clearly she did not give a "rat's ###". Now my employer had to pay for these certificates. And it's becoming clear that this program is a fraud. When I asked to speak to her boss she refused. Although she provided me her bosses name - Joanna. My employer purchased severl hundred of these certificates. I wonder how many days are REALLY available - and how many rooms. To all of you who were thinking of buying into this promotion - save your money and pass.

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  • Ki
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    Please call me I have been trying repeatedly . To no avail you system is bad. I have been trying for 2 day something is wrong with your phone system.

    Kim Lopez
    avcd 40002852
    909-971-0400 work # from 7am to 2 pm Monday tru friday
    626-615-2934 cell #
    Janet call me but left no extention:
    Here are the #s 818-710+3505
    818-992-5100 all these number are no good for customer service #9

  • Re
      25th of Jul, 2009
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    On July of 2008 I was awarded a certificate for Get Up and Go. I had to have it acitivated within forty five days. This certificate could be activated at my convenience either by phone(1-800-533-2427, fax (1-818-710-3523)or on line( I chose on line since it was convenient for me. Alomost a year later July 2009, I called to see why I have not been notified of where I would be staying (I had chosen Washington DC). Just like Sherrillee I was treated very rudely. My code number was not found as being activated. But when I called the number above it tells me that the number had already been activated. When I tried again on line it said that the code number was activated.
    Now I called wyndham again, (Frank) told me that they do not take care of the G-codes, Casablanca does. When I called Casablanca they said "No" we no longer take care of those. Called wyndham again and they again said "NO" This game went on and on for three days. I called approximately five times each day to find myself no-where. These people were rude, inconsiderate, and apathetic. I also believe this is a FRAUD. I spoke to many people throughout the ordeal (STEVE, FRANK, DWAYNE, MICHELLE and a SUPERVISOR JOANNA and not one person could help me other than to tell me call this one or that one, (casablanca and wyndham)
    DWAYNE, hung up on me telling me that "I did not have to call you back MAM", MICHELLE also hung up on me telling me "there is nothing I can do and a supervisor is going to tell you the same MAM. What a SCAM!!! If wyndham is trully as reputable as they portray to be then I hope that they would look further into this SCAM!! To all who are thinking of participating BEWARE...
    Sincerily upset, Mr and Mrs Roberto

  • Sa
      24th of Sep, 2009
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    The above complaints are very valid. After months of trying to get reservations for a certificate that has an 11/14/2009 expiration date, I finally get a response on 9/24/09 informing me that there are no dates available before the 11/14/09 date and that the certificate in now invalid. The whole process seemed very calculated and almost scheme like. Why would a chain as reputable as Wyndham associate it's name with this type of obvious exploitation?

    Charlotte NC

  • Ji
      11th of Aug, 2010
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    While I can agree that the process provided by Casa Blanca is difficult, I had no problems trying to reserve my room following a timeshare ad session last Fall. It was difficult, only in that I had to abide by the time lines noted. ...I also didn't wait until the end of my validity term. We took our trip to Steamboat CO, and it was awesome! The accommodations were modest at best, but hell - it was free.

    Casa Blanca has continued to call me since my trip last Feb. I finally took one of their calls this evening. VIP, this and that, all for super low pricing. 7 days to cancel (since I needed to chat with wife first). I was sold. HOWEVER, during the confirmation portion of the call (recorded session, confirming my authorization - with a different representative) I was told ANY weekend would be an additional charge. (Good thing I was listening carefully to her super-fast speech) The first rep told me only Holidays would be an additional charge. I canceled my transaction with the second rep. I just have to watch the cc account to make certain they don't try to snitchity-snatch my money anyway.

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