Casablanca Stealth ceiling fan / Poor value

1 United States

I purchased the Casablanca Stealth white ceiling fan about two weeks ago. I chose this brand because of the quality I associated with the name, as well as the guarantee. Our electrician arrived and installed the fan, and the light didn't work. It would flash, but not remain on. I called Casablanca and was told they would have a repair person come by to fix the fan that afternoon, so the electrician left. By late afternoon, no call, no repair person. Called Casablanca again and was told the repair person would come by 2 days later, between 1pm and 4 pm. My husband left for work 2 hours late that day, waiting, and I left work 2 hours early, to wait and you guessed it-NO repairman. Called Casablanca again and they suggested we call their 'contracted' repair person ourselves. We called and the repair person said he wasn't coming because Casablanca wasn't paying him for his work in fullfilling Casablanca's guarantees. We called Casablanca today and were assured a repair person would call us this evening. Well, it's 10PM, do you know where our repair person is? Bottom line, this already pricey fan has cost us another 100$ to have it taken down, 4 hours of lost wages and endless aggravation. The guarantee is not worth the paper it is written on.


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