Casa Florida Hotel Mauritiushotel

We were at Casa Florida for a stay on the island of Mauritius and our time there was ruined by the poor customer service of the employees.
However, they showed more enthusiasm, zeal, and smile from ear to ear towards Caucasians when serving them which led me to believe there is a double standard. We were at the bar for Happy Hour time with the family, the bartender by the name of Sasia who is from Madagascar had the lamest customer service. My fiancé and I were standing at the bar waiting to put in our order, Sasia didn't greet us but a group of French folks walked in just a couple of minutes after us, and Sasia gave them the warmest greeting of the evening. When we finally ordered our drinks, she had the audacity to tell my fiancé who is from Mauritius not speak French with her but creole. At that point, my fiancé was pretty upset and they came close to an argument which had drawn the attention of all the patrons at the bar. As if that wasn't enough, later on when I asked for some snack which came with the drinks she told me, "you have to wait there are people ahead of you...". But while waiting, a French guy came to the bar right next to me, Sasia served him some snacks and in the same "breath" she served another person on the other side of the bar snacks as well. I decided to go back to my table because she obviously have issues with certain "looking" customers.
I have travelled to at least 24 countries, and I have to say that kinda treatment gave me a bad taste about the country and its people. I certainly will never go back to Casa Florida and I wouldn't recommend it to my friends.

Nov 27, 2018

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