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CAS Partners / illegal and unethical business practices

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I lived in one of the over 200, 000 properties managed by the Riverstone Residential Group. Riverstone is the flagship third-party management group for CAS Partners.
The below quote is an excerpt from a page on their website:

"CAS Screening & Riverstone Receivables (CAS SRR) enables maximum profitability through its unique credit screening services, and ensures a high rate of recovery for Riverstone Residential Group's accounts receivable."

I am here to let the unsuspecting renter know how this huge corporation takes advantage of the "common man" - the "little people" tenants just like you and me. Tenants who move into Riverstone Residential managed properties. Incidentally, tenants will most likely not even know who Riverstone Residential Group is - not until the tenants receive THE LETTER. This letter arrives several weeks after tenants move out and will contain a list of phony charges including everything from mold removal, carpet replacement, painting, fixture replacement, appliance repair and replacement, carpet replacement, and so forth.

The Raleigh, NC property where I lived is over 20 years old. The apartment had leaky windows and drainage problems, among other things. The windows and the window ledges grew mold. While living there, I found it necessary to keep a spray bottle filled with a solution of Clorox and water. I frequently and repeatedly sprayed and wiped up mold. Complaints about mold were useless. In fact, I was treated as if the mold didn’t exist. The leasing office was dismissive and said, “Well, when you see window moisture soak it up.” Their maintenance people told me to spray with Clorox. Perhaps Riverstone’s Corporate Policy is to act as if mold doesn’t exist.

However, several weeks after I moved out, I received THE LETTER. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was being charged for mold removal (plus other things not yet described). While living there I took pictures of the ever-present mold. I took pictures of the mouse feces. I took pictures of the drainage problems. I took pictures of the nasty AC unit and the black mold on an interior two-by-four. I collected a library of pictures. All the windows leaked. These windows are not regular size; they are floor-to-ceiling and are attractive. When a tenant moves in, the windows are clean. But soon, these structures start growing fungus. So you investigate. You look deeper. You peer into the cracks and see black mold. You get a magnifying glass and inspect the painted ledges; and during this examination of the dips, nooks, crannies, and corners, black mold is found. You open the windows and inspect the seals, and you see mold and dirt. You wonder how dirt got up onto the window ledges that are a foot off the ground. Then you remember
“THE POND.” This “pond” is located immediately outside the apartment, inches away from the moldy windows. But, this “pond” only appears after a heavy rain or snow.

Next you inspect the kitchen herb window. Both rust and mold are growing in and around the ledges, corners, cracks, and screws. With your camera in hand, you take pictures and macro pictures (close ups). Somewhere in your mind, you know this issue could be unhealthy.

Reader, my complaints are extensive. It is a story I continue to write. My next chapter called, Mouse Feces in the Oven, Cabinets, and Drawers, is a roller-coaster ride of frustration and anger. My Clorox and water solution came in real handy.

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  • Ka
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    Glad you put this under CAS Partners too! For more n Riverstone Residential go to

  • Cc
      9th of Jul, 2011
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    This person sounds like he is getting the same treament that the tenants in El Paso, Texas ..Mesa Village Apts, managed by Riverstone...However the tenants are getting eviciton notices, because their payments of rent is not being entered into the companies computers..Even with showing proof of payment some tenants are being subjected to miss treatment by the management..I lived at Mesa vVillage and had to move because of 2nd hand smoke and the manager saying that there was no 2nd hand smoke coming into my apt..However, people walking past the apt could smell smoke in the air around the apts next to me..Since I was and still on oxygen daily this was dangerous to my health...
    This company seems to think that they can do anything to tenants and get away with it..there is over 20 aptys vacant at this point in time at this complex..I am so thankful that I moved to another complex that treats their tenants with respect..
    Anyone thinking about renting an apt from this management group sound really think twice before thee do so..

  • Lm
      10th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes Please review Riverstone Residential Group also sells your data, real time, to Experian. All RRG communities partner with Experian to capture your monthly payment behavior. Not bad if you are a good resident...or is it? If your data is incorrect due to false charges or other out of the ordinary management by the office staff of Riverstone, it immediately shows up on your credit report. Riverstone Residential Group's screening system uses Experian based credit reports to approve or disapprove your rental at any community. Therefore, if you leave one apartment community under the circumstances described in this complaint, then your credit score already reflects this real time even while you try to go through the legal process of fighting with them. You will most likely be automatically declined to rent at another Riverstone managed property or have a hard time renting elsewhere, due to the real-time updates to your score, via Experian, which Riverstone uses to approve or decline your application.

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