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We hired Cary Quattrocchi to do install some toilets and sinks. We had heard good things about what Cary Quattrocchi had done in the past regarding his companies plumbing work and decided to award the contract to his firm. At first Cary was affable and easy to work with but after we told him that the wrong toilet was installed in the front bathroom, he wanted to continually point out that these were the toilets that we gave him. Although this was true it is our contention that he should have known that the color of the toilet would not work in those bathrooms.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in New Orleans, LA He claims that decorating the bathrooms or choosing colors was not part of the service that he offered but I would say that anyone in business for themselves, even Cary Quattrocchi, should take it upon themselves to help those clients that may be making decorating mistakes. Although the toilets work, we need them removed and we have already ordered toilets of a different color. Cary claims that he will have to be paid to remove the poorly colored toilets and install the others and offered little more than a 40% discount off of his services to help us. WE KNOW THAT THIS SHOULD BE FREE! If you are going to hire a plumber in Louisiana, be careful not to hire Cary Quattrocchi unless you want someone who does not care about his customers.

Jan 01, 2015

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