Carstar autobody shop / Ego, Attitude, and BS

1 Red Deer, AB, Canada

My car was hit in the parking lot of my building in november 2012. Carstar is RBC's preferred body shop and I was new to the game, so I went with them. I took my car in for the first time so they could see it and give me an estimate. Upon calling me with the estimate amount, I was told and I quote " We need $2000.00 wiggle room, over the estimate cost because if we go over the estimate, We Own Your Car". I could not believe the ego and attitude I was getting right from the start. "We own your car". I drove a 2002 accord that I kept in great shape. I got the impression that they really didn't want to do the repair.I waited until after christmas (about 2 months) before deciding to have a little faith in people, and take it back in. Carstar went ahead with the teardown and called me back 4-5 days later saying it was a total loss, a write off. Because of the treatment I was getting from them, I got my adjuster to send in an "out of shop" inspector, to see if it really was what they were saying it was. In the end it was a write off. OK. I contacted them to tell them I would coming to move the car. I then was told and again I quote "there is $245.00 outstanding on the car, and this would have to be paid before I could take it". I called my adjuster and let her know this, she contacted them, now I didn't owe any money. I got a phone call from Carstar telling me this and then was quickly asked "when can you get the car moved". The guy I had been dealing with didnt call and apologize, he got the secretary to call, and she didnt apologize for the false $245 charge either. I told her I could do it within 2 days. After getting my "in Transit" papers, I went to the shop to pick it up. I went out to the car, put the paper in the window, did a good walk around, and drove out. After going a couple of blocks, I thought, What about my license plate? I stopped, got out, searched the car, and no plate. I drove back to Carstar, went in and asked "where is my plate"? I was told to hang on a minute, while I deal with a customer, so I did. After the customer left, He asked if I had searched the car really good. I stated, Yes, it is not there. He told me he would go in back and have a look. Upon returning, with a smile on his face he said " I guess we threw it out". Then laughed as he said " what, I will buy you a new one". This was the last straw and I gave him a piece of my mind, and walked out. All parts had been thrown out, including inner door workings, and my license plate. I reported the missing plate to the police, so that it doesn't show up somewhere else. 3 separate complaints have gone in to the insurance company, from 3 different people involved in this.

Apr 14, 2013

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