Carringtons Kitchens / Diabolical service

Manchester Road, Wilmslow, England, Cheshire, United Kingdom

In March 2014 Craig measured our kitchen, invited us to the office 3 weeks later to see plan, sign contract and pay deposit for a kitchen valued at £11, 400. Surveyor arrives at house to " check the measurements " and finds they are incorrect by about 600 mm. I say forget it, you cannot supply what we signed up for, One whole unit on each side won't fit.
They come up with three cobbled together plans, the last of which offered to knock the inner cavity wall out to make more space. No thanks, I say again. Here in September we are still trying to get our deposit back. They are threatening to sue us for £6000 loss of profit, ( that is over 50% ) plus costs and interest
Don't touch them with a bargepole

Sep 15, 2014

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