Carrington Kitchen And Bedroom Fitter FarnworthTerrible Company

We thought by trying their service for wardrobe fitting will somehow work. However, the quality of the work was really not that good. And the fitter still fitted the wrong shoe rack despite knowing he ain't got the right one. The customer service had immediately took the money from the online transaction despite our complaint about the wrong shoe racks. She have lied by saying that she thought everything was alright and so she collected the money from the bank. And even before the fitter left the house, he wanted me to sign a paper saying he finishes the job and folded the bottom end which mentioned clearly : "do not sign unless you are satisfied". If I am so stupid I would have signed it. But I told him I will write a comment about the wrong shoe rack instead. And clearly my note says it all and the fitter said he had sent a complaint to the sales so how come the customer service pretend that everything is ok? Obviously she lied to get the money as she normally does to the other customers who complain the same thing. And after several endless calls until now... it's been nearly 2 months and the customer service who kept making excuses about calling us back and arranging a booking for the fitter to redo his work... still we are waiting. They are terrible... lots of lies... I will never recommend this company to anyone. Not worth a penny!

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