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Carrier Puron Heat Pump / Malfunctioning unit-carriers wants nothing to do with it!

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After two years and six months my Carrier Infinity Puron system begins to dump water all over my basement floor causing damage to carpet, walls, furniture. I called my certified dealer/installer inform them of the water problem and that the unit is running rough and is on more frequently than usual. They came out and informs me that the condensate pan is cracked, will need to order and do a call back. They determined the refrigerant is low and proceeded to recharged the system with 5 lbs. Unit continues to dump approximately 30-40 gallons of water during the initial detection of the problem and final return to replace the pan. The replaced pan has no visible crack. They inject the unit with a dye and again recharged the system. Due to business I was traveling, and was not able to have come back for at least three months. My heating and cooling bills went from an average of $200/mnth for a 2500sq/ft home to a high of $415. When they finally came back it was determined that the defroster board was bad and needs to be replaced. A leak was found at the brazing point of the dryer. This was due to an incorrect installation of the part. 6 pounds of refrigerant was again added to the system. Two weeks later they return to perform the work. It took the tech 5 hours to replace a dryer and replace a bad defroster board. Almost the same amount of time(6 hours) it took for them to install the unit two years earlier. A month and a half later after more business travels and not being home half of the time with the heating unit set to vacation(60 degrees) my heating bill was still over $375 and unit seems to switch to auxiliary heat whenever it comes on. At this point I called Carrier directly and informed them of the problem. They approached my problem with a tone of indifference. They do not have any department of tech that can handle any problem directly nor help diagnose a problem. Their solution was for me to keep working with my installer, who they claim was doing everything right, that is; replacing every damn part that they diagnose was faulty. It this keeps going I may have a brand new unit in a year by default due to this idiotic policy. The only problem is, I have to pay for all the calls and hours it takes for them to replace every part. Since it took them 5 hours to replace the dryer, it may cost me three times for this two year old unit. Not to mention the doubling of my heating/cooling bills in the process. I have called Carrier multiple times pleading for them to help solve my problem, even if it were just to correctly diagnose the problem so it could be fixed correctly, but they firmly restated that they do not have a department to handle such problems and that I should continue working with my installer whose policy is to fleece its customer by diagnosing a faulty part each time, and rake in the hourly fee. I finally called the owner of the service/installation company and he seems to be understanding to my problem. Immediately he sent some people over and saw the same oily spots I found and came to the same conclusion I had. A leak is still present. I left them to take care of the problem and went to pick up my children from school. They were gone when I returned. They left no bill and the unit now seems to be working OK. Its been three weeks but due to the 65-75 degree weather the heat pump has been off half the time. Only time will tell. And not thanks to CARRIER! They were more of an impediment to helping me solve my problem than anything else. What a joke they turned out to be.

Please everyone, Please, Please do not purchase a Carrier system. They do not stand behind their product, and has no system in place to deal with any problems. I don't know why they even have a customer support department. My next choice for Heat pumps when the time comes would be TRANE/BRYANT/LENNOX. In that order. With the history of my two year old CARRIER it may not take that long.

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  • Ci
      27th of Aug, 2008
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  • Do
      1st of May, 2012
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    Two Carrier units and every spring a different service compnay has to come out and every one of them has given me a different excuse as to why the Carrier system I have won't work. Half the problem is the builder we had got a great deal from Carrier to take these pieces of junk off their hands and the other half is just that...a piece of junk.

  • Du
      8th of Jun, 2013
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    Yep, my sytem is less than 12 hours old...nope, no cooling. A tech came out, puttered around for two hours...still 78 degrees in my's 76 outside now. The tech said "well, that's as good as its gonna get". REALLY?! a total of 4 degrees of cooling for the day???? The days high was in the low 80s. I replaced a 14 year old rheem...I guess I shoulda kept it. Expensive lesson.

  • Do
      16th of Jun, 2013
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    I had a 2 1/2 ton carrier installed 1 1/2 yrs ago. Nothing but trouble. puron leak caused by bad weld 5 months ago(Jan 2013) seemed to fix a problem BUT now in June 2013 with summer basically here, the same thing occured.Friday, the 6 mo check up revealed the problem...I was told the smell won't hurt you we'll try to get someone here monday. its now sunday and we have been exposed to this smell for about a week. Well, the smell is eyes burn my throat is sore and generally feel lousy.. The technician refilled the system and said that should hold us(as far as cooling) for a few days.The installer- Graham Heating & Air .Largo Fl.- doesnt do emergency calls I guess. I suggest Carrier is not living up to its reputation. perhaps they should insist the franchisees? be held accountable???

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