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Carrier Aircon Limited - India / Poor product information and poor installation service/monitoring

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Re: Carrier Aircon Limited India

I would like to bring to your kind attention my experience of choosing your product and the quality of service for installation at my apartment in Anna nagar, chennai.

I purchased one split type and two window type each 1.5 tons capacity from your authorized dealer M/S Jayam & Co Anna nagar, Chennai -40 on 31st January 2007. I was informed that M/s. Jayam & Co. are also the authorized for installation and periodic servicing of the products of Carrier Air conditioners.

I requested Jayam & Co to carry out the installation in my newly acquired apartment at D-4, Juniper apartments, TAS Enclave, Anna nagar Chennai - 40 on 03rd Feb (Saturday). One Mr. Elango appeared as their technician to carry out the installation, beginning with Split A. C unit. When we opened the accessories kit from the sealed box, we observed that there was no insulating sleeve material for the copper tubes. Mr.Elango advised that we should buy a set of wall brackets for the mounting of the outdoor unit, botched screws for wall fastening and insulating material from a different supplier in Anna nagar. This we purchased. But Mr. Elango advised that the accompanying special bolts are not reliable for the job as compared with poached screws.

Later during the course of fitments of the wall bracket, we found Mr. Elango is not a skilled technician, as he jammed the botched screws to the wall with hammer, breaking some of the heads and weakening the others. When he was ready to mount the outdoor unit over the ill-fitted wall bracket, I stopped him and reported the matter to Jayam & Co, expressing my dissatisfaction over their service.

Same time I contacted your Chennai office (around noon on saturday 3rd Feb). I was attended by Mr.K. Raja Ganesh (Service Engineer- Customer support). Upon reporting the circumstances and asking for assistance from Carrier staff for providing skilled installation assistance, he advised me hold on, stating that he would contact me promptly within five minutes to tell me the course of action that I should follow. BUT HE DID NOT CONTACT BACK AS PROMISED. My pursued calls to your Chennai office bore no result, as the security staff stated that there was no personnel present in their office to attend to me, being a Saturday and that Mr.Raja Ganesh had already left for home. This is regarded as a serious lapse on the part of your staff, who is vested with important responsibility to deal with your customers.

I went to Jayam & Co and met Mr. Dhanapal in-charge of their A. C servicing section. He promised me that he would send a senior technician on the following day promptly by 10.30 hrs to competently handle and successfully complete the installation.

On Sunday (4th Feb) Mr. Jayaraj, with another of his associate attended. He removed the broken botched screws from the wall and mounted the supporting bracket with the expandable screws originally provided. He mounted the outdoor unit with its fan facing the wall side, saying that it is an air-throw type and is recommended to be mounted in that fashion. At the time of testing, he found that fuse was tripping off at the mains, every time he tried to plugging in to power supply. Then he reported to me that there was some shorting problem with the earth line in the building, which is to be rectified before he could take a trial of the split AC system. Being Sunday the building electrician was not available to check this. Mr. Jayaraj stated that once after rectification of this defect, we should approach him to try out the unit.

Therefore the second day of installation went off leaving me in anger and disgust.

On 5th instant (Monday) Mr. Raja Ganesh contacted me and asked me the status of our problem. I accused him of acting irresponsibly on Saturday in utter disregard to the customer's complaint. Mr. Raja Ganesh apologized for his mistake and promised to attend the matter personally by noon on Monday. After some time, again he called saying that he had to attend some other work and would be late. I contacted your Service Manager - Mr. Ragothaman and reported the irresponsible behavior of Mr. Raja Ganesh. Mr. Ragothaman promised that he would direct his staff to immediately attend to the matter without any delay.

Mr. Raja Ganesh arrived by 13.00 hrs at my apartment. At the same time I had an electrician check up the faulty wiring in the building. After checking, it was noted that there was no problem with the building wiring, and power supply was available up to the voltage stabilizer, with the outdoor AC unit wire terminals disconnected. This proved that the power supply terminals within the Outdoor unit was wrongly connected. After observing this, Mr. Raja Ganesh contacted the Mr. Prakash, Owner of Jayam & Co, who responded by sending the same technician Mr. Jayaraj for checking the mistake. Mr. Jayaraj, checked and reconnected the terminals at the outdoor unit and found that the system could be switched ON. Again it was found that when the compressor unit started, there was an abnormal ruffling noise. The unit was switched OFF and on re-checking, found that the thermo col packing for the compressor (kept within the outdoor unit) was not removed at the time of installation. After the same was removed, the split AC was tested and found satisfactory, by around 15.00 hrs. Mr. Jayaraj noted his mistake. I hope he has understood that no matter his length of experience, he could still make mistakes with a casual approach. (like faulty wiring connection and not removing the thermo col packing material from the compressor).

The above incident is narrated to you NOT TO ACCUSE THE NAMED INDIVIDUALS for THEIR ATTITUDE OR lack of COMPETENCY.

The purpose of this report to you is only to enable you work out fool proof remedies that your future customers do not suffer in utter disgust after buying your equipment.

Please rectify the following:

1. Your customer support officer acted without any pride of job or good responsibility and not sensitive to your customer, who had purchased the equipment from Carrier Aircon, in preference to many others in the market, at a substantially higher price.

2. Your customer support officer is found not forceful enough with the dealer, in ensuring that they execute installation effectively, which alone would maintain your product strength and customer support.

3. If you have authorized dealers on your behalf to install your equipment, then you should back them up with proper continuous training to handle your equipment with due caution. Your system must assess dealers' technical staff capability, before licensing them to represent you.

4. Your dealers are not trained to explain to the customers about your various models, to choose the right ones suitable to the site conditions. Attitudinally they seem to be more constrained to push their sale through, rather than equipping themselves with product information.

5. It is found that your brand new installation of both Split and window units in our apartment are noisier, in comparison with similar capacity LG products which we have in our house, which are now more than three years old.

6 .The accessories supplied with your installation kit must be adequate that customer should not have to purchase any extra material from outside. For your information, LG air conditioner installations are provided with a kit of accessories much more than what is required.

7. I regret to have chosen Carrier air conditioners relying on your brand name, and having paid far more price and received lesser by way of both quality of product and the technical support.

8. Having purchased the products from Jayam & Co., I have to practically depend on them for after sales service, being your authorized firm. Therefore, I recommend to you to enhance their technical skills with a rigorous training program from your Organization.

9. Needless to say that you certainly have to strengthen your staff attitude towards customers, if you are committed to demonstrate to the public that your product and services are far more reliable and worthy of higher price in a competitive market.

I await your response to my narration of experience with your product, while I still would wish to take the matter to the media to bring "Buyers Beware" awareness to the common public.

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  • Bi
      27th of Apr, 2007
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    Whatever you have narrated, if thats true... it's ridiculous... I am also going with them as I don' t have any other option... Let's see... I will update again after my work completed...

  • Ag
      14th of May, 2007
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    Re: Carrier Aircon Limited India

    Dear Ragothaman,

    I hope at least you will be able to attend to my complaint.

    I have been calling on MADRAS AIRCON people to have my Carrier AirCon cleaned.

    As I have already mentioned to you, I have my couple of Weeks old Twin Sons and my wife sleeping in this room with Carrier AirCon. This unit runs almost 20hrs a day.

    I noticed there was a problem with the cooling and realized it was the dust which was covering the filter and fins inside.

    All I could do was wash the air filter with water, dry it and put it back. Now the air throw is a little better. Since May 9th, I have been calling on the service guys to come clean the fins inside.

    I was told that there is a very high volume of calls and they will not be able to come this month. I gave them the situation and requested them to help me clean it at the earliest. I did not want to screw up the unit and then call you for a warranty repair call. My repeated calls only ended up with some rude conversation from Mr.Padmanaban or padmanathan from Madras AIRCON.

    Firstly, I am feeling cheated by Carrier Aircon. With such unbecoming behavior from its service partners, I really wonder if Carrier is bothered about the quality of people and company Carrier picks and chooses to appoint as its service partners. I wonder if carrier does understand that these partners are the interface to the end clients. (May it be individual or Corporate)

    Secondly, I request you to please appoint any other dealer or service partners to take care of my AirCon services and Maintenance. And help me with a service call at the earliest.

    I have attached a Picture & Video of the Dirt blocking the fins inside behind the front grill.


    This is a little off track, but felt like communicating it to you along with my complaint.

    I am sure I need not tell you how to run your business, but I feel I should definitely comment as a customer running 6 different brand of AirCons at our house, that Carrier does not rank number one with us.

    Most unexpectedly Haier a 2 ton A/C that runs in my parents bedroom has been the best in customer service, prompt attending to service calls, even without reminders. And the easiest to renew the Annual Maintenance contract, I need not mention they competitively priced Annual Maintenance fees, the whole wide world talks about it.

    We love L.G the next since hitachi takes service calls to their call center and does not allow any service partners to take payments or calls directly.

    The other not so happy brands in our house are (Carrier), Amtrex, Hitachi and Voltas, not in terms of performance, but " the after sales support is pathetic".

    I wonder where is Carrier going,...
    You value only your corporate customers?


    Hope to hear from you soon...

  • Ba
      5th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    The carrier quality & response is not up to the mark. Recently on 21-05-07 purchased a Window 1.5 tons, the installation was done by some lay who fixed the unit and said he doesn't know about the operation, i have to read the manual.

    The drain pipe (plastic) was broken and vent knob was not getting fixed correctly. When taken up with the dealer , he said he will contact the company replace the vent stick(Knob) however after 3 days one of the technician who came to attend excessive fan noise, kept the same stick and went back without any comments. Corrected the noise, and said this is very common, due to improper installation.

    When I went to personally to inform & buy the damaged part, they stores simply said they dont know what i am talking about and asked me to contact their service dept, Once service engineer came to my help and explained the stores guy what i want, however the stores guy reply was the same and asked to come with part number. I am surprised how one cannot understand his own product.

    For the last 5 days my aircon is giving gunny bag smell, today i contacted their chennai office service department and their casual reply was contacted wherever i have purchased.

    They have a dont care attitude.

  • Dh
      19th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Its a very severe problem legal action should be taken.

  • Si
      29th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hi, I have worked as a Service Engineer in Ashok Leyland, LML, TVS Motors Ltd (remember TVS Victor???) and now I have quit employment and doing my own business..

    I am also from Anna Nagar (AH Block) and I have landed up in this article when i was searching for Jayam and Co. for purchasing a new washing machine.

    I want to tell two things here,

    1. when my aunt purchased a fridge from jayam and Co..(I was a 10 year old then) I have heard lot of complaints..since i was very young couldn't understand..

    So Jayam and Co is very reputed for its services (???)

    2. Pathetic Customer Service in India...

    In India people dont know what Customer service is, this is because they are paid very lowly, there motivation levels are very low, they dont know any word by name "training"

    I have faced lot of problems with lot of dealers both as a customer and as a service engineer...

    Then i thought "That only my attitude is wrong"
    Now i have reduced my expectations from these clowns and now i am in peace

    I dont respect them and treat them like in the old days they used to treat Low Caste people...
    Both the dealer and his employees....

    I see them as coolies and laborers and not technicians and service engineers...
    Luckily i am a technical guy and can supervise indtallation, service etc using those
    coolies and laborers employed by the dealers and Principle companys...

    I advise every one in future to collect as much proof as possible and prepare write ups
    and then sue them in the consumer court..

    These is the only way to change the attitude of these Bas%t#rds

    I give better respect to my watch man then these fellows...

    Because he knows what he does and does what he knows...
    He opens only the gates...

  • Di
      15th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    i have three split a/c for my showroom . i have purchased from your dealers
    name samrat ac . i also complain about it to the dealers and have sent mail to you. but nothing had happen . i think i had made a big mistake in purchasing your a/c.the blades of all the three a/c have broken . i kindly request to see my problem and solve it immediately. if you cannot solve my problem within 2 weeks and then i will throw your a/c to your dalers

  • Ss
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    While, as a customer, I also have a few complaints agaisnts certain brands/products, we the customers are also responsible for it. There are two types of consumer products.

    One that does not require much of service: TVs fans, Fridges etc come under this category.
    Another that need regular service; ACs, and I will include cars here

    Similarly there are two types of sources to buy: Either a retailer or a dealer (Both may mean the same thing to atleast a few)

    But the industry expects a retailer to pump in volumes, but not expect them to have much of service back up.
    And a dealer or a sales and service dealer as they are called, are expected to have a good service back up and sell as much as they can.

    While the forst category namely are OK for the first type of products, they can do nothing much for the second type

    A dealer is good for the second type of products.

    Does any one buy a car from a shop? Why is a car not available from a shop? Is it just because of the price? No, it is because of the infrastructure that is required. And while a car workshop can be easily atleast seen for its sheer size and activity, with an AC it is not so. Also there are dealers whose works hops look empty because of better service that ensures minimum failures!

    Unfortunately many consumers buy the product from the wrong type of source. Just because it is cheap there by a few hundreds. The manufacturer as well as the retailer do not bother much about the after sales service because they look only at volumes. Naturally a retailer gets a better price than even an authorised dealer!

    Thus getting a good service is entrirely in the hands of the consumer. they much buy as much from authorised dealer only. Thus the manufacturers will be forced to reverse their pricing strataegy slowly. There is no other go.

    S.S.Mani, Chennai

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