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On Friday 03.01.2009 at 12:48am( 12 minutes before closing time ) I went to make a return of unopened electronic item in Carrefour Bahrain that I purchased 7 days before - which I am not interested in it any more -when I realized that I should stick to the period mentioned to return the item

However, unfortunately the supervisor refuse to process the return and instead instructed me to come the next day because they are closed despite that I walked in before closing time . The supervisor has also claimed all refunds of returns must be approved by the duty manager who left before I reach the hypermarket.

In addition, the supervisor then said that the duty manager might make the refund!

I think this type of attitude and practice neither reflect the values and mission statements of Carrefour nor the degree of professionalism that emphasize on customer service superiority and taking the initiative not only to please customers but to exceed their expectations to create a competitive advantage in service quality level which in turn create a loyal customers on both long and short run .Thus, increase the word of mouth statements which in turn increase the Carrefour market share and effects the growth of products and services .

Since the item returned is unused and sealed, I would like to make the refund on the spot.

973 366.366.23

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  • De
      Mar 22, 2009

    ### you and ### all the customer becuse of your type i lose my job ### you best regrds customer service and after sale

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  • Wt
      Jul 24, 2009

    What the ### .. You expect your money back ? .. Where do you think you live ? This is the middle east !!! Get a life move on .. Stop shopping at Carrefour .. go to Lulu hyper market .. Its full of indians who can assist you better .. they stink too .. I love indians they ###ing run bahrain .. one day they will run this county and own it. What the ### is wrong with people .. ### off .. and ### indians .. Bahrain is for indians and indians are made for bahrain.

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  • Bo
      Apr 08, 2010

    this is indeed the middle east, there is no concept of customer service. customer service is some sort of alien fiction around here.

    funny enough arabs do want to have good customer service...

    don't know what is wrong.

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  • Sa
      Dec 10, 2010

    yesterday I bought a drink for my self from the carrfour canteen and I was surprised to learn that they dont have an opener to open the bottle I bought from them I know its stupid and they must have it otherwise they should just close off their canteen. I went to customer service to launch a complaint and yes they have an advance system to register the compliant on line but unfortunately they dont even check if the network is connected to their exclusive service. carrfour Bahrain is a total [censor]!!! I will never bother to shop from their ever again and never suggest any human to do so.

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  • Na
      Dec 22, 2013

    I had purchase a washing machine from Carrrefour city centre bahrain on 18 dec 2013 wed. The sales rep assured me it will be delivered nxt day. but at the tym of billing he put delivery date on 21 dec sat. l. Meanwhile I called more than 10 times in their toll free num n reply was the supplier will call back. I asked her to connect the Manager, but the call centre is in dubai.
    Since sun, I didnt received any call. So I called them and asked for the refund. The executive simply told me, GO & COLLECT MONEY FROM THE SHOP. i had paid the full amount and now i have beg for the delivery and installation.
    We didnt expect the negative behavior from the carrefour staff...


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