Carrefourcarton of pasta salad

S Nov 18, 2017

We do our food shopping on Saturday afternoon in Carrefour Aguilas Spain, in the shopping precinct. We usually buy a tub of Pasta Salad, which we enjoy with our evening meal. Today, Saturday 18th November, we were eating our meal containing the salad we had bought earlier, when we both remarked it tasted awful, not as usual. On looking at the tub it came in, we were appalled to see the expirery date was 1-11-17, 17 days out of date! The salad contains tuna, and we had already eaten quite a substantial amount of it. As the evening is going on, we are feeling very ill. For a giant supermarket chain like Carrefour, I think you will agree this is disgusting. I cannot find an email address anywhere to contact them directly.


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