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1 Torrevieja, Spain
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I purchased a new LG Smart 4K TV from Carrafour in torrevieja, spain on 30 December 2016. We didn't count on buying a smart TV at the time and asked a member of staff for advise on a good model and ended up paying over a hundred euros more for a recommended LG Smart TV. The man said we had a 15 day returns policy if any problems.
On getting it home and setting it up within hours of watching it the picture started to flash off for a second at a time, this was quite sporadic but over days happened more frequently and a thin coloured line would appear horizontally across the screen which appeared only for a split second.
I reported the fault to carrafour before the 15 day returns agreement but was refused a replacement and was given a contact number to call for an engineer for repair. This I did but Was told that an engineer would call me back. 3 days later and no call from the engineer, I went back to carrafour and said I was not happy with the service and demanded a replacement TV, they refused point blank saying it was now past the 15 days and called the LG engineer. I got a call the next morning and the engineer came to collect the TV for repair telling me I would be without the TV for around 7 days. I am waiting for the outcome but very angry how Carrafour has treated me. I am now stuck with a T V that will inevitably have further problems even after the repair.

Jan 18, 2017

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