Carpet Cleaning / Didn't finish job ran off

1 KY, United States

Lonnie Cook is a dishonest business man. I hired him to buff and redo some hardwood floors for me along with cleaning and stretching carpets. He talked a good game but I really believe he has no idea what he is doing when it comes to wood floors. My floors had some minor scratches from my dog and since we are putting our house up for sale wanted the floors looking good. What I have right now after Lonnie and his crew finished with them would make you cry. He came in on Friday morning and within 3 hours buffed and waxed my hard wood floors. When I fianlly came home to see the work he was gone and I quickly started to realize my floors had hair glued down with wax. My entire floor area was a mess since everywhere you looked you could see dog hair and human hair glued to the floor by the wax. It was apparent to me at that he did not take his time to clean the floors or take his time applying the wax. They had made plans to come back on Saturday to finish carpet cleaning and streteching(those 2 services were also done poorly)! Long story short when he came back on Saturday he used every excuse he could but the truth was all over the floors. Myself and one other guy spent the next 9 hrs on our knees scraping the floors to get the wax off along with the hair. He said he would be back at 9a on Sunday to finish the floors and promised to stay until done. He arrived at 9a, I went outside to talk to him and we never saw him again. He packed up all of his stuff and cowardly left our house without a word. He has left behind an enormous mess which I am going to have to pay to have floors completely stripped and redone. Everything about him and his company is a lie. Just remember you get what you pay for and it is not worth it. He needs to be out of business and I can only hope one person reads this and decides not to use him and then please tell your friends and everyone that 7 Pillar Carpet Cleaning is bad news. I have never been so disgusted at myself for making such a poor decision. Don't be a fool like I was!

Mar 04, 2013

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