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I paid over $300 dollars to Carolyn's kids for a registration fee for them to represent my baby who was a few months old at the time for up to 3 years. It took almost a year before I heard from them for a booking. My child was not used for the shoot, but you are supposed to be paid anyhow. Carolyn's says it could take up to 3 months to be paid. It's just over 3 months now and I'm still waiting.
Another woman in the waiting room who had her child booked for a shoot as well that day, said the agency charges 50 cents for each voucher (the piece of paper you get signed with the money amount earned for the day). I didn't know this at the time I registered my child, but it begs the question: What is the $300 dollar registration fee for, if you have to turn around and pay 50 cents for a voucher (carbon copy receipt) everytime you get work. I don't think that Carolyn's kids is a reputable agency. They appear to be making a lot of money off of new overzealous parents who would like to see their babies in print ads/commercials.
I've heard that client's don't book children who are at the age of 2 and many agencies won't take your child in until they are 3. So, I'm thinking $300 was a rather excessive fee to lock in for 3 years, when it seems unlikely a toddler who is 2 or nearing the age of 2 will get any work.
At the time I signed my child up, the talent scout was trying to get me to sign a contract to model as well, and told me about prices for pictures taken by their photographer. From what I understand about this business, an agency is not supposed to be supplying you with a photographer or taking money for photos to give to a photographer. I later called Ford Model and Talent, which is recognized around the world as a top agency to ask them how new talent go about getting portfolio pictures taken. She said you have pictures taken by a photographer they can match you with but you don't pay the agent anything. The photographers are trying to establish themselves in the business, so it is sort of a trade off. You may not end up paying anything, but printing your pictures. You don't need a portfolio to start with. A portfolio will showcase you work when you get it.
She also said she never heard of Carolyn's Model & Talent or Carolyn's Kids before. She told me to check out

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