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Carolina Plastic Surgery / Horrible service!

100 E. Wood StreetSpartanburg, SC, United States Review updated:
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DO NOT GO TO DR. THOMAS L ROBERTS III! I flew to his office for a 3-hour consultation to discuss what I wanted: a very small waist & back with all of the fat transferred to my butt. Dr. Roberts. replied that I would be his best patient so far and for me to gain 15 lbs so that he has enough fat to lipo. At my pre-op appt, I reiterated that I wanted a small waist & back with all of the fat transferred to my butt. I showed him a picture of a female model and explained that I would like her shape. At my 2-month follow-up appt, I spoke about my concerns: a lopsided butt cheek and my stomach and back still appeared too big. He responded that he does not see any problems and for me to lose some weight. At my 7-month follow-up, I wrote a letter explaining my concerns again; a lopsided butt cheek, weight loss of 10 lbs, my stomach as well as back still appeared big. His patient coordinator said that since I was not a "big girl", he went for evenness. Evenness was not what I agreed to. I agreed to contouring with all of the fat being lipod out. He made this decision while I was sedated and did not ask for my permission. I asked several times if he lipod all of the fat & he said yes every time. I was in SC for 14 days recovering and not once was this mentioned. I did not fly from NY to SC for evenness as I could of gotten the same results in NY for less than a quarter of the price of $23k. His response was that I need to do the procedure again and there will be a charge. I informed the patient coordinator that I should not get charged for services that I paid for but were not received. The deformities of my body are becoming very clear: sunken lower back with a gut. Dr R has falsified his claims. Not once did he mention my body frame was a problem. There are several pictures on his site with the same body frame as myself with drastic changes. I am left with a deformed body, no additional funds for a revision, and no apology from Dr R for his unsatisfactory work.

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  6th of Apr, 2009
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wait, i'm confused...he wanted you to gain weight, and then lose it, and then they said you were not a big girl...what's your height and weight? if you don't mind? i'm going in for the same, and i have plenty of fat for him to vacuum out, but i'd get a better idea of your predicament if i had an idea of your size. thanks
  21st of Sep, 2009
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ITS ALL TRUE! Dr. Roberts decided while i was SEDATED, to change the shape of my nose to something he thought was best for me. I told him exactly what I wanted before surgery and showed him photos. When I complained after the surgery, he acted like I was ungrateful. He actually said, "but the nurses loved it (referring to my nose)". OHHHH I see...it's up to him and the nurses to determine what to do with my face not me. He is an absolute BUTCHER!!! He took a large chuck of fat out of the front of my left leg, leaving me scarred and deformed. He then injected this fat into my cheeks and under my eyes. The right side of my face is deformed and my cheeks have an unnatural shape. My right eye has a large bulge under it that pushes my right cheek downward ...it looks weighed down and tired. The result is the right side of my face looks 15 years older than the left side. Dr. Roberts actually suggested that he damage the left side of my face so it would match the right side. WHAT A PSYCHOPATH! Stay away from this man. He claims that he reads the bible...hah! He is the devil himself.
  11th of Nov, 2009
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Dr. Roberts had his medical license SUSPENDED in October 2009 for among other things sexual misconduct towards employees who were later patients. You should read about this man at the South Carolina Medical Board website before you ever let him put a hand on you.
  1st of Dec, 2009
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Wow, I just checked the South Carolina Medical Board website (click this sequence of links: 'Disciplinary Actions' > 'Orders and Board Actions' > October > Roberts, III, Thomas L., M.D.) Read the second page of the "Final Order" for a list of agreed and admitted facts. Among others, he's allowed nurses to complete procedures while he takes off. Other times, he leaves patients under general anesthesia for 8 hours before he starts the procedure! It's all public record. I'm in shock. The suspension was ordered in October 2009. I'm so disappointed in him. I had followed his website for years before I decided to go there. At the end, the charge was so outrageous that I gave up on him. Paying for an excellent job on your body is worth it; paying an arm and a leg for nurses without the years of surgical training required to operate on my body...NO WAY, not on my body!
  10th of Dec, 2010
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Glad that I read this beforehand. I saw Dr.Roberts a year ago for a consultation for a simple under eye blepharoplasty and I left his office with a list of at least 12 other procedures that he wanted to perform. I am 43 and I know that I am still considered very attractive; men tell me so on the street all the time. However, what really sent the alarm bells ringing with this unusual consultation, was Dr.Robert's insistence on showing me pictures of super models ( highly photo-shopped) and saying that I needed all of those procedures in order to look like them; it was bizarre and quite frankly, insulting. I have been to other Doctors for consults for the same procedure and almost all of them have told me that I could wait a few years and that I have a very beautiful face that at this point really didn't need any improvement. As I left his office, he made an unsolicited remark that I should lose five pounds ( I am 5/ 4 and weigh 117 pounds). The comments on this site have confirmed that I made the right choice in not letting him perform my surgery.
  15th of Dec, 2010
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Wow...I am from NYC, i have a consultation with him on February, but i dont think am going to spend my money in a hotel room and flights for this.
Has anybody have a good experience and results with him?
  16th of Jan, 2012
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Dr. Thomas Roberts will ruin your face. I am a former patient and have been suffering from depression since my plastic surgery 5 years ago. I don't look pretty anymore. I look 'worked on'. His surgical skills are completely lacking.
  7th of Sep, 2012
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I am a former patient of Dr. Roberts. He disfigured my face. I later found out he was letting his nurses do surgery for him...it was too late. The damage was done. I have spent $25k over the past 6 years trying to fix his mistakes. I still need a revision rhinoplasty, corrective fat grafting galore, and eye surgery to correct the damage. My nightmare began when I walked into Carolina Plastic Surgery and sometime it feels like it is never going to end.
  7th of Dec, 2013
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I saw Dr. Roberts about 10 years ago for liposuction. He was a strange man. I was asking for liposuction on my outer thighs. He convinced me to get liposuction on my inner knee area also. The thighs went fine, but the inner knee area looked badly dented for quite a while. I was fortunate in that it filled in over time and although I can still tell where the dent is, it isn't something which prevents me from wearing shorts. I don't think other people notice.

The inappropriate thing I was treated to while in his office was that he go down on his knees behind me and felt my naked buttocks up, while supposedly examining the outer thigh area I wanted liposuction done on. His nurse glanced over in a concerned way when he proclaimed that many women pay him to get the buttocks I have. It was uncomfortable. Why I went ahead with the surgery after that is beyond me. I'm lucky to have come out that experience mostly unscathed.
  12th of Jul, 2014
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PLEASE READ BEFORE CONSIDERING USING DR. ROBERTS. Everything I am reading is true. I cannot believe I had surgery performed by Dr. Roberts. He performed liposuction on me in 2007 when I was 21 years old. I was very excited about surgery because 6 months earlier I had my breast augmented by his former business partner (Dr. Lettieri--who is an amazing surgeon). The results were great so I wanted more surgery. I wanted lipo on my butt and chose Dr. Roberts instead of sticking with Dr. Lettieri because I thought he specialized more in lipo and was impressed with his butt implant photos. BIG MISTAKE. I should have stayed with my original doc because but just as another person stated above, Dr. Roberts felt my buttocks and told me the same thing, "That women pay him to have the butt I have." He then convinced me to get the lipo in my inner and outer thighs, hips, sacrum, and lower abdomen. He also transferred fat near my hipbones because he said my bones protruded too much. The results were not terrible, but what concerns me is reading about the patients he left sedated for more than 8hrs because I was one of them. My surgery was only supposed to take 4hrs and my mom and sister said they were very worried and kept asking the lady at the desk what was taking so long because the surgery took nearly 8-10hrs. I felt like a train wreck when I finally woke up and the pain was unbearable. I'm not even sure if he was in the room.

NOW IT GETS WORSE, after a check-up Dr. Roberts noticed one of the incision spots on my lower back turned darker. He told me he wanted to sample it for cancer and the results came back that it was melanocytes. So, he told me he needed to perform a minor surgery to take out the surrounding area to be on the safe side. Well, I came in for the procedure but was basically used as a test dummy for him to teach his nurses how to perform the procedure themselves. I was awake while he was teaching them how to do a "special" stitching procedure.

NOW IT GETS SICK! He kept raving about labia surgery and told me I was the perfect patient for the surgery and offered to perform the surgery FOR FREE if I would allow him to use my photos on his website. I thought--wow--free surgery? Sure! He then took a ton of photos of my genital area in more positions anyone can think of. I thought it seemed strange and so did my mother who was in the room. I cannot remember if he had on gloves or not. I was in a relationship and am still in the same relationship with an older wealthy man who was paying for all my procedures. He is the same age as Dr. Roberts and Dr. Roberts met him. I feel Dr. Roberts took advantage of that because he knew there was money involved and thought I must have been promiscuous because of my relationship status and large age difference. I was a very young and immature girl. My dad kept begging me to stop getting so many surgeries and he had a bad feeling about the labia surgery because Dr. Roberts offered to perform the procedure for free. I decided not to go through with the labia surgery and did not show up to the scheduled surgery because I had a bad feeling as well when I woke up that morning. There is NO TELLING WHAT HE WOULD HAVE DONE if I went through with it. All of my surgeries happened between 2007-2008 just before all of his legal trouble. I was shocked when I read about him in the paper. In fact, my dad called me and told me to read the paper. I was not the patient who complained but it definitely seemed like he had several relationships with his nurses. After, maturing a little and thinking back, I feel I was very naive and uneducated at that time. Dr. Roberts always seemed a little strange to me because of the way he touched me and taking sooooooooo many photos of my genitals seemed like I was in a porn video. It did not seem professional at all.

At the time of the surgery I was 21years old, 5'7" and weighed about 145lbs. I am now 27, 115lbs and look better just from losing weight by changing my eating habits and exercising. However, my legs are nearly impossible to tone up where Dr. Roberts performed the lipo and they are extremely flabby. I ride a bike into town, run, and do yoga mixed with strength training. Do not use him. Strange man indeed. However, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his former business partner, Dr. John Lettieri. He is very professional and does amazing work.
  4th of Aug, 2014
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Dr. Roberts will ruin your face and ruin your life. After he cuts up your face, he will look at you and tell you how nice you look. He will deny the damage he caused as he looks right at you. He is an ego maniac! His staff is horrible and rude!
  5th of Aug, 2014
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Dr. Thomas Roberts is a pervert and a psychopath. He allows nurses to perform surgery for him. He is unethical and a rip off artist. I am a former patient. He took over $20, 000 (or I should say stole) just to cause damage to my face and body. It will cost $50, 000 in revision surgeries to correct what he did to me.
  29th of Aug, 2015
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My experience with his office almost cost me my life. I'm grateful to be alive. I was lucky I had my best friend and a nurse present. Very happy he's not practicing anymore
  30th of Oct, 2015
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Wow...seems weird hearing all these stories. My wife was his patient for FT butt Aug back in 2002. She wanted extreme fullness. Everything exceeded expectations. The staff, dr Roberts, the surgery. Wife was back to work in a week and the surgery cost about $10, 500. To this day she has same fullness and no real noticeable signs of scars. I guess we got lucky.

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