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This is by far the worst place EVER! Dr. Saini is nothing but a money hungry greedy liar!!! She took 150$ from me for a 2 min consultation, lied to my face telling me she can get my claim approved by tri care, told me she had what was needed " right there" ( her office) only to call me once the claim was approved (100%) to tell me " oh I want to do it at the hospital" hospital? Why? You never mentioned the hospital. Of course not in a 3 min consultation there was barely any time to sit and talk. After all those lies. She tried to get yet another 150$ from me before we can even book the appointment. Now 2 full weeks later she tells me I called her office too much and that her staff doesn't like talking to me. How unprofessional can a person be? Tri care told me my co pay is 25$, even called Dr saini telling her about my benefits. The representative noted on my acct " very difficult provider" now I did call her office but that was only to find some clearity after being lied to and mislead for weeks. Please do not use this provider. Look at all of her before and after photos. Do your homework. Pay a few $$$ more and go with a professional honest and caring surgeon. Dr. Dickerson is my life saver. I will report dr.saini to the board of surgeon. The better business Buero, file a grievance with tri care, and post a review on any web site I can find. As far as her staff goes? There is never the same person. I guess she use's a temp agency so she doesn't have to pay her staff more than minimum wages. Money hungry and greedy. Again look at before and after photos. Mine was only for botox injections. I would never ever allow her to do any type of surgery on me. Sloppy work. But she charge u 5000$ for a totally deformed tummy tuck only so u can come back unhappy and pay her another 3000$ to fix it. Colleagues talk about you dr. saini. And I will make sure everybody else will talk and stay away from your lying deceitful money hungry self too.

Carolina Plastic Surgery
Carolina Plastic Surgery
Carolina Plastic Surgery

Apr 27, 2017

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