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Carolina Cleaners Dry Cleaning Chapel Hill / Lack of service, failure to honor agreement, business malpractice and poor customer service!

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Carolina Cleaners Dry Cleaning Chapel Hill -

On the morning of Oct 22nd, I dropped off 5 shirts, a pair of trousers and a suit for same day dry cleaning and ironing. After collecting the garments at 6:15 PM, I noted that they had NOT been cleaned nor pressed. The shirts were crumpled and creased and had clearly not been ironed. I returned to the store at 7:30 PM and when I brought this to the notice of an employee who refused to acknowledge the lack of cleaning and ironing, and did not honor a refund. When I pointed out that the clothes looked worse than when they were dropped off, he just gave me the manager's name and phone #. This was a breach of customer service in not acknowledging a customer's complaint. The employee was extremely rude and disinterested in resolving the issue. When contacted, the manager began to cast aspersions on my character instead of addressing the lack of service and poor quality of their laundering. A simple solution would be to offer a refund or a re-do; however, this organization's policy appears to be to defraud customers instead of providing a service. Please avoid this agency at all costs.

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  • Ch
      10th of Nov, 2007

    I am responding to Dr. Vishnu Raj’s complaint. I must admit, I am rather confused by Dr. Raj’s statement that we failed to clean and press his shirts. I also do not understand why he considered us “in breach of customer service by not acknowledging a customer’s complaint.” The evening that he picked up his shirts the employee who checked him out told me the following morning that he pulled the plastic up and inspected each garment thoroughly, both the dry cleaning and the shirts.

    My employee told me further that all seemed to be fine at that point because he said nothing about the quality of the pressing and paid for his order without comment. An hour and a half-later Dr. Raj came into the store and “threw his shirts onto our counter in front of us,” according to two different employees who were in contact with him. The shift manager inspected his shirts and told him that they appeared to be cleaned and pressed correctly, except for the “crumpling and creasing” caused by the Dentist himself. The manager acknowledged his complaint, but thought it was ill founded.

    I called Dr. Raj the following morning to discuss his problem with Carolina Cleaners. He somehow has failed to mention in his complaint that the owner of the company responded directly to him as soon as I was made aware of the problem.

    I informed him, as did the manager, that all of our dress shirts are pressed wet. They are first washed in a computerized washer and spun out to an exact weight of water for correct pressing. We cannot press a dress shirt unless it is washed first.

    Dr. Raj responded back to this: “They were obviously not cleaned or pressed because there are no creases in the sleeves.” My reply was that perhaps he was used to a different cleaner since this was the first time with us, that our shirt equipment was quite sophisticated and had sleeve presses that are designed to not leave a crease in a shirtsleeve. If he ironed his shirts at home he would have had to have a crease, perhaps that was what he was most familiar with.

    As to offering Dr. Raj a refund of $35.35, I do not think Dr. Raj is due any refund. Even if he were to be given a refund, the shirts were only $10.80; the rest was the dry cleaning, which he apparently had no problems with. It seems to me that somehow Dr. Raj feels he has lost face in this transaction and wants some sort of compensation for that.

    Dr. Raj told me that he was a freshly minted Dentist, perhaps that has affected his opinion of himself and others?

    Respectfully submitted,

    Charlie Nelson,
    President, Carolina Cleaners.

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  • Ji
      27th of Mar, 2008

    I had a similar experience with Mr. Nelson. He was extremely rude and unprofessional when his laundry lost 2 of my shirts. Please avoid this laundry at all costs.

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  • La
      27th of Mar, 2008

    I had used the laundry a few times before, until they burned my gown. The manager was unapologetic and unhelpful. Additionally, they did not offer to pay for the damaged 200$ gown.

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  • Ga
      27th of Mar, 2008

    This laundry is inconsistent. I usually had reasonable service except for 8 months ago, when they did not press my shirts. When I brought it to their attention, the manager refused a redo and basically told me to go pound salt. He was evidently unconcerned by the poor service and mentioned that he was on some board of commerce. A very arrogant individual and a very unsavory experience.

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  • Ma
      27th of Apr, 2009

    Mr Nelson has similarly defrauded other customers as can be seen by the number of complaints. A sad excuse for a business.

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