Carnival Sensation / Theft

1 FL, United States

July 28, 2011
Carnival Cruise,
Reference: Carnival Sensation, 7/21/11, E50, 841DJ4, 806023821A
I have to share my experience with Carnival and others with hopes that it will be heard and something can be done in order to save anyone else from a traumatic encounter such as the one I experienced.
First, I booked 2 rooms for a family of 4 in each room for my family and my sister’s family through As a military retiree I was able to utilize a military discount they were offering. When using such discounts you must call and speak with a vacation planner. I booked with the vacation planner and submitted a copy of my DD214, military ID and other requested documents in order to receive my discount. I received a confirmation for both rooms and went about my day. I received a call from my vacation planner the following day informing me that I am not going to be able to book at the rate I received online. When I asked why, I was informed that CARNIVAL TOLD THEM THAT THEIR ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT MADE A MISTAKE WHEN THEY PUT THOSE RATES IN AND THEY ARE SORRY! I was furious! I told my vacation planner to give me the number to Carnival so I could speak with someone there. I spoke with three individuals who gave me the run around. The last individual I spoke with (“Mrs. NO PERSONALITY”) informed me that she could not give me any information because I booked with vacationstogo. I called vacationstogo back and asked for a supervisor. She was very helpful and informed me that I was not the only one that this happened to and she would do everything she could to make this right. After several days of stressing over this she called me and informed me that they worked it out and Carnival will honor the rate.
The day of our cruise we drove from South Carolina to Port Canaveral for our 4 day vacation. Upon arrival to the port, we were greeted by a gentleman who sits at the entrance that informed us that we needed to pull around to the Porters and drop off our bags and then park our vehicles. We did as instructed and proceeded to the ship. Once we were on the ship we went to our rooms to wait for our luggage and settle in. We received 3 of the 4 pieces. My husband went to guest services to inquire about our missing bag. He was informed that they had until 6 to deliver our bag and escorted him to a staging area designated for lost bags. In this staging area he did not locate our bag. We went to dinner, my husband left shortly after he ate to go and check on our bag and it was not there. He returned to guest services and received the same run-around. Around 7:30 he went back to the room and our bag was in the room. He went through our suitcase and found that a carton of cigarettes were missing from the bag. When the kids and I returned to the room he told me about the cigarettes. I blew it off by saying maybe the confiscated it since they sell those on the ship. I have cruised with Carnival at least 7 times and didn’t have that happen but figured maybe their rules changed. We went to the Bahamas had a great time and set sail Saturday morning to return back to Port Canaveral. When I woke up Saturday morning it dawned on me I did not see my box of jewelry in the suitcase which prompted me to search for it. After my husband and I search the suitcase I discovered my jewelry and a small Coach bag was missing. I began to panic. My jewelry box contained a white gold diamond Movado watch valued at $2, 700.00, white gold diamond bangle bracelet valued at $2, 400, a pair of 1ctw white gold diamond earrings valued at $1799.00, a white gold ankle bracelet I just received for my 1 year anniversary valued at $302.00, a palm tree pendant valued at $34, a coach swing back purse valued at $235 and the carton of Newport cigarettes valued at $42.00. I contacted guest services and they told me I need to come to the desk and complete a form and they could set it up for a member of their security to come and search our room to make sure we did not misplace it in our room. We did as we were instructed and allowed the search. They came in and did the search and found nothing. I later received a letter from guest services that read as follows:

On behalf of Carnival Cruise Lines, we thank you for choosing the CARNIVAL SENSATION for your vacation. Our guests are important to us and we appreciate your patronage.
We are very sorry to hear that your white box with jewelry, coach bag and carton of cigarettes is missing. We have checked for your white box with jewelry, coach bag and carton of cigarettes, and are sad to inform you that we have been unable to locate it. I have enclosed a copy of the report and your reference number XXXXXXXX for your records. You may contact our corporate on your return home at [protected] Should you locate the item before leaving the ship, please give us a buzz so we may update our records.
Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Guest Services Desk located on the Empress deck or dial extension 7777.
After a dreadful day at sea and a sleepless night, we arrived back at Port Canaveral. I reported the incident to the port police, they referred us to the Brevard County Sherriff’s Department who took a statement and assigned a case number.
Upon our return home, we searched our house from top to bottom and did not locate any of the items. I contacted vacationstogo, carnival, my homeowner insurance company, my jeweler, the port of Canaveral security, my credit card company, and the deputy that took my statement only to be told “WE ARE SORRY THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO”. I am furious!!! Carnival has neither sympathy nor do they accept any liability and hides behind their terms and conditions that we never received that they are not responsible for any loss or stolen items on their ship. One agent I spoke with from Carnival’s guest care informed me that nothing of value should be placed in your luggage. I then asked her are you telling me that Carnival and the employees working for Carnival has the right to go into anyone’s suitcase and take whatever they desire and Carnival has NO Liability, her response was not unless you have Carnival insurance. WOW! WHAT A NIGHMARE THIS HAS BEEN. I HOLD NO MALICE IN MY HEART, I PRAY THAT THE INDIVIDUALS THAT STOLE MY STUFF THAT GOD WILL HAVE MERCY ON THEIR SOUL!!!
This was my 7th cruise with Carnival Cruiseline and it will be my last.
What can be done about this? No one should have to go through this nightmare. It is my belief that Carnival is responsible. I put my personal property in their care and when it was returned to me it was not in the same manner or included the same contents when I received it. If they aren’t responsible then who is?


Stacie Gadson Washington

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