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Carnival Kia / $149 and a job TV commercial - false advetisement

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After seeing so many times the TV commercials for Carnival Kia that says that with $149 and a job can be sold any car on the lot and since looking for a car decided to visit the dealership so did went on February 13, 2010.

When arrived was not even offered to look/test drive any car to see if might like any and find out the prices and such but immediately the sales representative took the information and to run our credit. We told her about a recent bankruptcy chapter 7 filing that everthing was cleared and discharged. Said that no problem since they deal with banks that specialize in high risk and bankruptcy so that is no problem.

After waiting there for a while all we was told that there was something in the credit report that couldn't allow to get approved by NO bank. After asking how could that be said that they can't say because are not given the specific reason.

Was given a creditrepair informational postcard which was told that by going to the web site indicated there can request the credit report from the 3 credit agencies and that way find out what is there and also work on fixing it. Was also told that most people when work on it and fix it can come back in 30 days and get approval.

When got home accessed this web site and requested the 3 credit reports. After viewing the credit reports everything showed up normal and nothing really bad. Everything that was supposed to had been included in the bankruptcy filing was showing as suppose to be and no more debt owe and such. Couldn't see why was completelly denied approval by any of the banks that Carnival Kia deals with including the ones that offer high risk and special programs for people with discharged bankruptcies.

I sent a general e-mail which I received a response by Chris Bostick, the owner of the dealership(s) in which he told me in general that approval wasn't possible and to fix my credit report. I asked about what the commercial meant about the $149 dollars down and a job that he advertises on TV all the time and he told me that was with approved credit.

I told him that then no one gets approved since this days and how things are with the economy and in general not easy to find people with perfect credit and everyone has either a bankruptcy and/or late payments on something or such.

If at the end was actually "with approved credit" and if they actually dealt with banks that offer programs for people with bankruptcies and others then would have gotten approved no matter what. I have seen other car dealerships that advetise such and known people to get approved no matter what. In this case shows that in a way the TV commercial it is not true and accurate since $149 and a job DOES not gets you any of their cars in Carnival Kia lot as he advertises on TV.

I also asked him what did he meant by what he says each time: "Don't you leave until you see me". In case that meant something like he can do something to get you a deal or something but all he told me what that simply meant was to be able to thank customers by going by the dealership.

In conclusion, being that nothing on the credit report that shows to prevent from getting financing, shows that there is something "odd and strange" about Carnival Kia dealerships. If they had actually dealt with banks that do special programs and the dealership wanted to actually make a sale, which they are not, they would have banks that would done the financing.

This is why the $149 dollars and a job commercial it is false. Specially when also when first called over the phone to ask about it and the sales person that spoke to said that it was true and even told about the bankruptcty said too that wouldn't be a problem.

At this time I am looking into other dealerships that offer the special financing and such and also have contacted some and been told that can get approved.

This shows me not to deal with Kia ever again and to stay away from and also not to refer anyone to them. On an additional note about dealing with Kia, I had a 1997 Kia Sephia when they first came out which had many problems with that car and ended up lemon law and the dealer buying it back after an arbitration proceedings. Not too long ago decided to look at another Kia dealership in Panama City, FL where is I used to live before moving not too long ago to the Middle Tennessee area and unfortunally at that dealership had problems too and also horrible treatement. Ended up going to another dealership (Dodge) and ended up buying a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan with no problem. This time since been long and looked that Kia had improved since bought by GM the cars looked better. From this recent experience seems that it does not matters and the Kia Dealers are not helping to Kia the company in general to sale their cars.

It is a shame that this happens and businesses and their employees do this and treat people that way.

P.S. Just today I saw a new TV commercial for Carnival Kia where he advertises honesty and respect. Well he better teach his employees that better because that was not also what I received on the recent visit to Carnival Kia.

So there you have it, seems that the "credit report" was just an excuse perhaps not to deal with us or something. Maybe that is why advertises so much on TV. On average is one of the local dealers that advertises the MOST. That could be why !


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