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Where do I begin??? = Cruise / Carnival Conquest - 8/6/18 to 8/11/18 Booking 3BJT39 / Stateroom 7404

The purpose of this cruise was for us to spend time with our boy who is in the Army & being deployed in a few months to Afghanistan. 1st - the ship is showing wear and I understand that being in the hospitality industry. This is something that can be overlooked by excelling in other areas which did not occur. I DO NOT understand or accept filth - 1st morning breakfast for the buffet, we were up at 5am and went for coffee and had to wait to 7:30am (which the staff enforced) for a hot breakfast (not continental). While having our coffee we noticed areas on the floor with food and waited for the staff to pick it up - which they did not. Staff oblivious to the cleanliness of the areas and tables. Went to smoking area with our coffee, came back for refill and went back till breakfast. 7:30 - food still on floor. Went to buffet, came and sat down - all tables were not wiped. We finally got the attention of a male server and he picked up the food and wiped the tables. This was a common occurrence every day / every meal. Then on the last day - I had purchased the internet as I had to confirm shuttles, pre-boarding passes, cancel reservations, etc... (my boy had purchased it earlier in the week to download a program which he was unable to do). Being that my business was standard and email - there should have been no problems - WRONG!!! From the time of purchase throughout the WHOLE DAY - I WAS UNABLE TO CONFIRM ANYTHING. I tried 5th floor computers, Lobby computers - NOTHING. Went and retrieved my laptop and tried - nothing. I asked many employees for assistance (Stefan, Jaime, Serhi, Guest Services, passing by employees, etc..) Stefan was the most help - there was 8-10 of us on the 5th floor and he tried for like over an hour to help us. He was finally able to get through for a guest with their boarding pass but no one else. I was told to try the library, to try guest services, to walk with my laptop on the different floors, to try to take it on the top floor, on the buffet floor... everywhere . I finally signed off with 16hrs & 36min left because I passed the deadline for cancellations and confirmations. for almost 8 hours I tried to get through - I even tied up one of the computers on the 5th floor and going back and forth with my laptop.
I wasted my whole last day of my cruise trying to take care of items that needed to be done with no being able to accomplish anything (I have plenty of computer shots to show you as well). Then ti make matters worse - I missed lunch and the chocolate extravaganza as well (when I asked the staff about it - they informed me it was over).
Also - on one of the days after the room was made up - we could not locate the remote for the TV. I searched and searched and unable to locate it. After about 20 min. I attempted to call Housekeeping- no answer. I then tried Maintenance - no answer. Then Guest Services - on hold forever and then hung up on. 1 HOUR OF FRUSTRATION - I finally hung up and went on the balcony. When I was coming back inside - I spotted the remote on the windowsill but the curtain was closed and we did not see it.

Do not offer internet and inform your agents that it is not available. According to your staff - this was an ongoing problem and all they could do was apologize. When I asked if upper management was aware - all staff stated that they knew because it was a constant problem. I have SEVERAL PICTURES but system is not allowing me to download / attach. Please provide me an email where I can send them too.

Aug 21, 2018

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