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Carnival Cruise Lines / worst cruise!

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Carnival I cannot express how horribly disappointed we were with the cruise experience with your ship Ecstasy 3/26/09-3/30/09. How can so many things possibly go wrong on one ship? Lets start a Fun List.

1. There were no door hanger menus in our room [E-68] to have coffee etc. delivered to our room in the morning. I asked the personnel who delivered to other rooms how I could get these door hangers. Her response was they should be in the room. I went to the purser's office and spoke to a uniformed person there who assured me he would take care of it. They never arrived. This may be a small matter for you but a big matter for me and it was not handled.

2. The main dining area my water glass was always empty and never voluntarily filled.

3. At the open seating breakfast I asked how I could get a booth. This was never addressed, the no comprendo was used to silence me.

4. The continuous mistakes in the daily ship paper. Totally unacceptable

5. The no show of personnel at the 1:30 scrap booking really did not set well with my other half. Blame it on a personnel problem or the daily paper nether seems to know what they are doing.

6. four ships personnel including one who tried herself could not get the ships phone to room working. I was told and watched a crewmember dial the floor 7 and then the room number 66 to talk with my sister who was in that room. I per-chance myself put a zero in the equation the next day and bingo. That’s incredible

7. Debarkation. That was the most incredible mess I have ever been associated with. Pure mismanagement. My sis decided they would take the early disembark and carry there luggage. I ‘m sure they would not have had they been told the elevators were shut off and they had to struggle with everyone else down one staircase for five floors. The other was blocked off. Talk about a fire hazard. We had decided to check our bags the night before and were waiting in our assigned area for them to call our number. It was a while before a crew member showed up and told us we had to leave. I told him they had not called our number and I do not want to wait in a long line. He said do not worry you have to go and I will unlock an elevator to send you down, no lines. So we left down in the elevator to a mass of people trying to get off. The joke is when we finally got to customs my sis and her husband who had the early disembark were far, far behind us.

8. How can you have personnel that are so disrespectful as to tell you to just shut up and stay in line when you ask a question? You might want to ask Micki Harrison that question, she works for you. I know the Micki is the right name not sure if it was Harrison but if you want to know you’ll find out. There can’t be another carnival employee working the customs line with the name Micki

9. Why are the independent porters allowed to take people directly to the front for the customs line, by-passing people who have waited patiently for over an hour? Just because they have there baggage? I can see taking the baggage but the people must go to the same line as everyone else.

10. Late, we were promised a 9am landing at Cozumel. I got off with a large crowd at 1:30 and there were many behind me which screwed the whole day up. Who would believe, Late again leaving. I don’t think we actually got under way until nearly 7 pm apprx.

These are a few of the reasons that I will never cruise carnival again and will do my best to see others do not make the same mistake as us.

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  • Ab
      17th of Oct, 2009
    -2 Votes

    My husband and I just came back from a Carnival cruise and it was so lame the elevators didn't work half the time and the food in the buffets were the same thing everday! Dinners were good at night, but I hated the fact that we couldn't order our desserts until the rest of the table (people of which we didn't know) finished there meals. We played the bingo games and I actually one the jackpot bingo 1k and then 9 hours later they tried to take it away from me! The kids water park and slides were broken so our pool was overloaded with kids... the parents of the kids didn't even bother to keep tabs on the kids either! I think I will skip the cruise next time and just go to Vegas!! Free drinks at the slots!

  • We
      27th of Oct, 2009
    +2 Votes

    All you people are rediculous, trying to persuade others to not go on a carnival cruise just because you had a bad experience. Wow ur really ganna ### about a hanger, do u kno how hard it is for their staff to manage a bunch of ### skeptical people like you for a week. Sry people cant cader to your every need, if you want good service dont go on a cruise everyone knows that do something else and stop trying to ruin other peoples fun you turd

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