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Concerning & Troubling Update:

Approximately the last week of Decemmer, MX Properties, Inc began receiving troubling emails from an individual who we cannot disclose due to the fact that he was not identified by name in in either of Carmen De Souza’s inducement letters. In these emails, this “gentleman” made libelous statements about MX Properties. Some of the statements he made were extrememly false and absolutely inapporpiate. Officials of MX do not know who this individual is nor what his possible role might be in this ongoing conflict with Carmen De Souza and John S Diak. MX Properties, Inc can only guess that perhaps Mr Diak encouraged him to make such disparaging remarks. What MX does know is that it acted in complete accordance with the demands made in Carmen De Souza’s letters and wired funds in good faith for the closing of its initial transaction in a prompt fahsion. MX Properties, Inc calls upon this “gentleman” to discontinue making such false and inflammatory statements immediately.

A Continuing Saga:

This very concerning series of events began in mid November 2016 with a call to MX Properties, Inc from consultant John S Diak. Initially, officials at MX Properties were very encouraged by the conversation. MX was told by Mr Diak that its long awaited funding was finally ready to close. Over a 16 month period, Mr Diak had induced MX Properties and its affiliates to provide funding in excess of $1mm for various instrument trading and loan programs. Up until this date, Mr Diak had failed to perform in any of these programs. In the call Mr Diak was quite confident that all was well and that the MX transaction would finally be completed. However, there was a condition — Mr Diak informed MX Properties, Inc that it needed to pay $11000 in fees for its initial funding to be released. Of course this revelation was very troubling for MX. Immediately, MX Properties asked for written confirmation that upon receipt of this $11000, its transaction would close.

On 16/11/2016, MX Properties, Inc received a demand / inducement letter addressed to John S Diak from lawyer Carmen De Souza that CLEARLY stated that upon payment of $11000 for undefined “fees”, MX would funds would be released “IMMEDIATELY”. After receiving this confirmation, MX Properties promptly wired $11000 in good faith to coordinates provided by Carmen De Souza. MX then received a follow-up letter dated 18/11/2016 from Ms De Souza stating “we have instructed the ‘bank’ for doing the payments”. MX Properties, Inc finally felt comfortable that its intial funding would finally be released.

Several days went by with no funds released and no communication from Ms De Souza regarding the status of the transaction. Days became weeks and weeks turned into months with no change in status. MX Properties then began vigorously attempting to contact Carmen De Souza, however, all communication attempts were left unanswered. The only communication that MX received was from Mr Diak. John S Diak could only provide false promises and excuses as to why its initial funding was never received.

MX Properties, Inc calls upon lawyer Carmen De Souza to immediately ensure that its funding be released as it acted in complete good faith with Ms De Souza’s demand letter.

Carmen De Souza, Lawyer - Lisbon
Carmen De Souza, Lawyer - Lisbon

Jan 18, 2017

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