Carmax / carmax laysoff employees during islamic holiday

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As many of you are aware CarMax laid off some 600 employees in 2008. What you didn’t hear is CarMax executed this layoff during an Islamic Holiday after they were warned. A week before the layoff the entire company participated in a nationwide conference call to review the company’s decision and go over the details. I was an Operations Manager that spoke up on the call in front of the entire company and said, “All the Muslims around the world are getting ready to celebrate Eid”. Eid is the holiday Muslims celebrate after the month of fasting (Ramadan). After the phone call I asked my supervisor if the company would have done this during Christmas or Hanukah, she said, ” Probably Not”. I was then told special accommodations were made for me because I was Muslim. I was very upset that the company was executing the layoff during an Islamic holiday that is celebrated by over a billion people around the world. I expressed my opinion with the Regional Vice-President. I later received a follow up call from the Regional Vice-President saying the company instructed the other Vice-Presidents to layoff Muslims after the Muslim Holiday. I thought to myself, ”How in the world are they going to achieve this without profiling”?
CarMax claims to be a diverse company that promotes diversity and treats everyone fairly. So I ask all the readers.
1. Did CarMax know that they rescheduled the company layoff to happen during one of the most important Islamic holidays?

2. Would CarMax have executed the layoff during Christmas or Hanukah?

3. How did they make special accommodations for me and other Muslim employees without profiling?

4. Does CarMax respect and cherish their Muslim associates?

5. Do you think the Muslims around the world look at CarMax as a company that respects Islam and all of its followers?

These are all good questions for all to answer. Let me know what you think, I look forward to hearing from all of you. Please pass this link to all you know, I want to get different points of view.


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  • Li
      24th of May, 2010

    This is idiotic self serving ethnocentrism - I was an associate for almost three years (left on good terms of my own volition), yet I know many people who were fired throughout the year for non-performance, and it mattered not whether the terminations took place around particular holidays. The first week of every month is essentially the monthly performance reviews, and the last I checked, the first week of January came shortly after Christmas. Yes, people still lost their jobs then, but no one cried about how some non-Christian must have pulled the plug on them.

    Let's not forget all the Americans (oh, that must mean 90+% of the company) that worked during Memorial day and got laid off in June. What about the people who worked July 4th and then got fired in August? Will you then claim that Carmax is anti-American?

    Idiot claim.

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