Carl's Jr. Restaurants / a fight between carls jr staff at one utama outlet, kl, malaysia

Malaysia, MY

yesterday 25th Nov at around4:30 pm - 4:45pm. there is a fight happened among Carls jr staff (a guy, a lady) and the outlet supervisor. it happened at the counter here all customer is watching and it is very inappropriate and disturbs customer's comfort while dining in. i believe the lady staff is unsatisfied with the guy staff and unfortunately, the guy punched the lady in front of us. The supervisor tried to cover the lady and the supervisor been hit by the staff as well. one customer tried to stop the fight.

the guy disrespect other staff & have done violence towards other. I strongly suggest for your team to take a legal action towards the guy as he has no discipline and professionalism at work at all. Us as a customer was so disturbed and felt uncomfortable. This should be done appropriately at the back of your kitchen. Pls, take action to that irresponsible staff. pls look at your CCTV

Nov 25, 2017

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