Carl's Jr / fries chicken nuggets and burger were bad

La Habra, CA, United States

I had heard of the bad service at this Carl's jr location but I didn't want to believe it even thought it was a while that I had not been there. All I can say is that I will not return to this location ever again and will not recommend this location to anyone. I went thru drive thru no scripting first of all when I got to window I asked to add two more iteam shift leader was not happy about that I waiting for my other iteams that I added. Shift leader then come to windo nd asked me to pull forward the he will take my food I again wait out side for a while he comes out to tell me it was almost ready .. I had checked the iteams he had already given me and so I tell him to wait have him back the medium and kid size fries the fries looked like they refried them more than once they wher black and saggy he did not apologys or anything he just took the fries and went inside after a while he comes back gives me my two items I added and fries I returned, it's not possible that I got there before 10pm nd left till 10:30pm. I then get home and the kids try the stars and fries they tasted so bad no one wanted them and it is because of the oil it left an after taste and my plain cheese burger had no cheese. On top of all that there was no reason y I should still receive some of those old saggy fries I gave them back inside of my new bag with my other two items I don't think it was very nice to do that was that shift leader trying to be funny or what .

Feb 4, 2017

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