carl jrthe G.M. who lied to me

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Hi my name is Roxanne Nungaray and i went into carls jr toword the end of july 2010 to apply at Carls JR. The G.M. told me she was going to get the paper work for me to fill out and also on top of that she told me please quit your other job so your able to work right away. So i come in a week later to fill out the paper work and WITHOUT A JOB . The G.M. tells me oh the paperwork wont be here tell friday night so please come in the moring and get it so i go and get, and she tells me the paperwork will NOT be here tell tuesday.So i go on tusday and guess what she tells me after the fact i quit my other job that i cant back to, sorry i cant hire you anymore. I hope you FIRE HER ASAP becouse i can not find a another job becouse this stupied lady i can bearly understand so i hope the next time im there with my family i will NOT SEE HER THER

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      May 01, 2011
    carl jr - Bad customer service
    Carl Jr
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I visited this restaurant and i met this employer and i liked how she attended me. I saw that she was working really hard and she was the only one actually sweating! She made my burger and fries in 2 minutes. The burger was fresh, hot and juicy. She was very friendly with everyone and she said thank you, your welcome and have a nice day. I asked for her name and she said her name was Marcela Jimenez. I as a customer think that she should earn the right amount of money she works for.

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  •   Jan 17, 2012
    carl jr - (Causing me Phone Listed Issues
    Carls Jr
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Carls JR)..._PERSON Calling phone book numbers asking for their Family. Dialed my number and I Reported the citizen matter I have with a person relating my account number to their Life on Martin Luther King Holiday. I three wayed... the Person to the Local Police that handled the report. 5:36 .P.M. 01/16/2012. Other Business or Personal Calling I recognize to just be a Person Being Business Bothersome. The Residential callers should have the Fear Of God understandable in Complaints. Meaning You understand the wrong number you are dialing versus just calling and asking "what, is someone here" and other remarks on another Persons Landline Phone. The Phone Companys have Devices setup and Recorded Conversations on Tape through the Federal Government to be more Real and Honest Of Any Proven Matter to Assist a Caller On If Needed. (Confusing Evidence that can't be broken or not.) A..S.A.P. separate FROM A COMPLAINT.

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  • Ro
      Oct 23, 2018
    carl jr - biscuit]
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    I bought a monster biscuit this morning with a coupon which said it was a dollar 99 how is charged $2.39 when I asked the lady wasn't in a dollar 99 she said that's what the register is charging and shrug their shoulders

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