Caribou Coachlines / shipping of parcel

1 Thunder Bay, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 807-285-3458

I live in a small town west of Fort Frances, I have shipped with the bus lines previously without incident, but this all changed in December. I took my package to Fort Frances bus depot it was going to my son in Edmonton, Ab. Dec. 15th 2014 plenty of time I was told for it to get to Edmonton. After contacting my son, 2 days prior to Christmas to see if he had gotten his package I called Fort Frances who had messed up the shipping bill name spelt wrong, Edmonton Ont. instead of Alberta, and phone number wrong I was told it had been picked up and was the responsibility of Thunder Bay Caribou Coach.
When I called them they said it had left by greyhound. After numerous calls to Edmonton giving them a tracking number and correct phone number for my son, I was finally told that the package was still in Thunder Bay so I once again called and the manager I assume told me he would track it and find out what was going on, went on to blame Greyhound and Fort France bus lines I told him I'd just like it found.
Saturday Jan. 10th he called spoke to my husband and said the package was in Edmonton and they had contacted my son. I called back January 14th as after speaking to my son he still hadn't received anything or a call. When I told the manager I would like my shipping cost reimbursed as it was now a month later he went off on me telling me I have a terrible attitude and that it was my fault because there was no number phone number on the box that he had spent all this time searching for it, and not to send anything else through their company to use Purolator because he wants nothing more to do with me. I think his customer service is none existent and I will never deal with them again, and hope no one else has to endure his ranting.

Jan 14, 2015

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