Career Network, Inc., P.O. Box 618305, Orlando, FL 32861-8305Seems to be a fake job offer to get personal information and refferals

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I have received several job offers from this company. They ask for an application and resume. They won’t let you apply for a position unless you give them 3 references. Once you give them the references they are used to solicit personal information, and to see if the reference will apply for a job with them; thus extracting additional references. The references I have given them were contacted and were asked if they would like to apply for a job. I have not heard back from this company. I am receiving multiple job offers from them that I have not inquired about. Each letter I receive is signed by a different Executive Assistant. Something is not right with this situation. Below is a copy of one of the letters I received from them.

Dear Thomas,

Our office contacted you last week in regards to a vacant Carpenter position we are currently trying to fill. I had not received a response from you as of this morning, and would like to encourage you to apply.

This is a great opportunity. The Carpenter position provides competitive hourly pay plus outstanding benefits, including paid sick days and holidays, medical and dental insurance, tuition reimbursement plans, and a 401k retirement plan.

Please click below to fill out the application and submit your resume.

Please accept my application for the Carpenter opening.

I hope to have your application later today, Thomas.

With Regards,

Samantha Towne
Assistant to the Executive Assistant

If you cannot access the webpage through the link above, you can copy and paste the link at the bottom of this invitation into your browser.[email protected]&id=acvxdc101_lil51_ConstructionMiningandTrades_06082009_TUE_NON_0623&rd=91681&gs=5&ro=12&j=23356461

Please extract_me from_your contact list.

Career-Network, Inc., P.O. Box 618305, Orlando, FL [protected]


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      Jul 22, 2009

    I do agree, I have recently been seeking employment with this site. I receved a very similar e-mail. When I clicked the link, it took me to the host site, that stated it was removed, June 23rd of 09. I believe that was the date. Anyhow, I replied back to the person that contacted me and soon after recieved an e-mail notice. Needless to say, the e-mail failed. If your reading this before you go through the hassle of registering, you may want to reconsider your time. I wasted mine, feel free to do the same, but it's truly not worth the effort.

    R Doster

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      Jul 22, 2009

    Oh yeah, and apparently they utilize multiple sites, check the bottom of the home page and look for The Careers Network. This is my key that they are the same.

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      Dec 27, 2010

    I recently applied to a job board, and I guess the Career Network had posted the position I was applying for, because after
    I submitted the application I am receiving one email per day from multiple staff from Career Network offering me different
    job positions. I am glad I did some research so I do not waste any more of my time on these recruiting/referral companies
    that are just trying to extract info! Thankx

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      May 20, 2011

    I started getting these e-mails last week. I responded to one and now they wont stop coming in. I think its very unusual that all the e-mails are from a different person, yet they say the exact same thing. The e-mails ask you to not reply and don't provide a phone number or a point of contact. These emails are spam and I would advise others to delete the e-mail and disregard the message becaue you will find that you are only waisting your time.

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      Jul 01, 2011

    I recently have had the same issue. Do you know how to make the emails/ phone calls/ texts stop?

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      Dec 19, 2011

    I have reviewed your resume online and believe you would make a great addition to my department. I am currently seeking individuals in the Lynnwood area who have previous healthcare experience. If you would be interested in applying for the position please fill out the application at the link below:

    The position includes duties such as data entry, oral communication, basic computer knowledge and document preparation. Your previous experience would be very useful.
    Just received this today. Glad I did research and for all of you who have experienced the same thing.
    The expected starting annual income is $32, 000 and up. There are advancement opportunities, and for those who do we offer heath and dental insurance after 60 days. Six months after your promotion you will receive 8 paid personal days plus holidays.

    Thank you,

    Noelle Welch
    Regional Recruiting Manager

    This is a Career Network Feature Job which acts as a job aggregator for one or more positions. Please refer to the feature job link on the application for more details.

    Career Network, Inc., P.O. Box 618305, Orlando, FL [protected]

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