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I have posted jobs since August 2017 that reference me back to a website called career-networks. I always received an immediate response to whatever job i respond to asking me to submit with a login and username. Then, I hear nothing. However, the people I have listed as references have told me that they are receiving large amounts of spam from the referenced site.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Montgomery, AL

the website has no physical address and no phone number. I keep receiving emails asking me to do the same thing over and over again.

The jobs listed say "immediate hire" or "seeking to fill asap, " but you never hear from a direct employer. Yet, the website claims to not have any intermediary action between job seekers and employers access to posted resumes.

These jobs are not real and they are posted all over


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  • Ch
      Dec 02, 2008

    Same story, I really need work and went on Craigs list, against my better wishes as I did hear long ago that their ads are often bogus, same story got run around and now getting emails for more information and now phone calls. Tip hit pound button a few times when they call as this should prove a bad link and remove your number from their database. They are scamming for information and should be prosecuted. I will keep all evidence should anyone need it.

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  •   May 03, 2009
    Career Network, Inc - Small town job Networks
    Sertec Bega office
    New South Wales

    Hi my complaint is about a very small local town Job network inc... that have very small mined view on how there office staff discriminated a person on the way they dress causal ...

    the staff are too busy shorting their month off and now because of this me, my Boyfriend, and my mother are never aloud to get a job in our local area just because i am a Goth you could say i have been "black listed" from ever getting a job in my town?

    The thing is when it comes to working it shouldn't matter how you look or dress out side of work as long as your a good work, dress right,

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  •   May 03, 2009

    Yes job networks do this all the time to post up fake jobs to see who apply for it and if you have too many qualification they will keep you name on file so if a job comes up that is right for you they will deleted you email when you apply for it because your too good for the job? and they also bring you in for fake interview just to have a look at you? they did that to my mother that gave her a inview for a job that i had a interview 6 months ago got my mother in the interview and the hole time she was their the staff ### about me and my Boyfriend on how much they hate us and the way we look etc... and said we will never get a job in us local area because they dislike us this has nothing to do with us being bad worker this is call because the staff doesn't like us now how discriminating is that makes me feel sick to no that i can never have any hope of getting a job or a carneer in my local area and i'm only 19 years old

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  • Mr
      Jun 23, 2009

    *note -I posted this same post on another couple complaints about them as well b/c I really want to know

    I keep seeing these complaints posted about this company, but has anyone actually been harmed by the company? I've yet to see anyone post who has. not saying they aren't, but I have applied for a few jobs on their website, been "verified" and the worst I can come up with is that once I said ok to the education info, I got a bunch of emails and calls from the schools who's info I requested. I got a lot more of that type of contact when I was a senior in High School years ago. I was never asked for anything that couldn't be found in a phone book, or online directory. No one asked for SS# (which, by the way is very easy to find. If you have ever bought real estate, its public document if you know where to look), no one asked for credit card info. So I didn't get called back- well, most of the jobs I applied for on other job boards didn't call me back, either - and I have an excellent resume and job history!
    As a former employer, before I was laid off, I can't tell you how many times I would call an applicant that had applied on Hotjobs/Monster/Craigslist and found that it was not the correct number. I'm sure that there were some fine people who missed out on job opportunity because of it. If indeed the "verification" service that they offer the employers on their job board is legit, then I think its brilliant, if not - well, that's why I have seperate email accounts for my job search which I intend to delete once my search is over.
    I no way am I defendeing Career Network, but when you see this many complaints, yet no one has been harmed...

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  • Pu
      Aug 10, 2009

    It would appear that following instructions and being literate may be the real problem, not how you dress. After reading your complaint, and seeing the amount of misspelled and misused words, it becomes clear what the real issue is. Hope this helps with your job search, it is not meant to be mean, just helpful for the future.

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  • Ge
      Aug 12, 2009

    I applied to a Security Officer position. I should have known better since the pay on the job posting was well above average. I was called to "verify information for the client." They used the "hamburger method" method to gleam information from me. Thats one or two questions to warm you up about the job, a couple of questions to gleam personal info, and the last question or two about the job again.
    This is what the phone call consisted of:

    Q1: Is this G____ Smith?
    A1: Yes it is.
    Q2: I am verifying for bs bs... is 101___ your correct address?
    A2: Yes
    Q3: What is the highest level of education you obtained? (this is a red flag)
    A4: a Bachelor's Degree
    Q5: Are you looking to pursue higher education opportunities? (HUGE red flag)
    A5: No
    Q6: What is the minimum salary you are willing to accept?
    A6: $20 an hour during the daytime, less at night

    You will be contacted if your ...meets the clients qualifications...bye

    They are getting leads for this [censored] colleges, that's it.

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  • Pa
      Sep 11, 2009

    First Timed Scammed...I got hit yesterday from Career Network, should have known they were scammers. They asked the same question if I was interested in going back to school. Told me I had an possible job offer, but could not give me the company name or were it was, hmmm... If anyone knows how to stop these ### from doing this I am all for it. Thinking about contacting the FBI office and seeing if they can do anything about it.

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  • Me
      Feb 05, 2010

    I have gone through this same process, however, I did get hired on by one of the jobs that Career Network had and I didn't get the education information. So I think that they do have legitimate jobs and I do believe that they are offering a service. Since they are not asking for more information then what's on my resume which I gladly was sending out with no issues at all perhaps it is a legite company. It's just a pain to have to go through the long process. But I am excited and happy that I got a job!!!

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  • Sa
      Apr 18, 2011
    Career Network, Inc - Fraud Job Site
    United States

    As with many other people I've been contacted by this company for a position relevant to my exp (for me Acct). I really appreciate everyone's feedback and details on this site, it was bc of your entries I was able to search here first before filling out their forms and confirming they're a scam.

    Other than filing a complaint I wonder if it would be effective to bombard these guys "supposed" tech support email they have provided [protected] We can all email them maybe twice a day anything we want ex: they're a scam / stop wasting time w your fake site etc until they have thousands of emails in their inbox to where they cannot harass anymore people or differentiate new victims from our emails in their inbox :)

    Just a thought.

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