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Care Free Water Conditioner / No real results

1 Malibu, CA, United States Review updated:

We purchased a Care Free Water Conditioner and after a year there was still no noticeable difference in the quality of our water. The company claims there would be differences such as better tasting water, clothes softer and dishes with less spotting, none of which showed any difference. After contacting the company multiple times we received a letter laced with hostility and anger about how uninformed we were and how we failed to follow the company’s recommendations.

Care Free is a member of the Water Quality Association, but never submitted this product for testing and certification. If the claims were true we would expect that the water conditioner to be WQA certified, but it is not.

Care Free Water Conditioner
Care Free Water Conditioner

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  • Co
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    If products such as this truly worked, 34 states where there are partial bans on regenerative water conditioners would be promoting and using this equipment. Sorry, no sale! Frauds such have this have been on the market for 30 years, starting with the famed "Bon-Del" magnetic system which changed only the amount of money people had in their billfold - nothing else.

    Conservative media continue to carry advertising for these types of products - as a conservative Christian, I am ashamed at how these folks do not properly vet the products before airing or advertising them in national printed or electronic media. They end up deceiving the very people that they are trying to help.

  • Cm
      3rd of Nov, 2016
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    I found this page after doing a search on Carefree water conditioners. I've had one installed on our main home, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where we have hard water, for many years - maybe 15? Our other house, on the same property, doesn't have a unit installed on its feed line. While remodeling, I've had to cut into the 3/4 inch copper line feeding our house. The line is totally clear of any build-up of minerals. Our dishes have very little spotting and our fixtures, while having some white calcification, are in very good shape. I went down to our other house to service the dishwasher and found that the bottom had a gritty feel to it, as if there is mineral build-up. Our dishwasher, in service for over 30 years, has no such build-up. The bottom continues to be very smooth. I'm attributing this difference to the Carefree unit because both houses are fed from the same well and there is less calcium (and/or other minerals) in our house than the other. I don't know what other explanation there could be. I'm going to install one on the other house to see if it will remedy the mineral build-up in that house.

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