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Cardonebanking / prepaid master card

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Phone: 08718111881

cardonebanking Complaints - blocked account
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Posted: 2009-02-18 by david

blocked accounto
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Company information:
po box 3634
Chester, Cheshire, England
United Kingdom
Phone: [protected]

I had an account with cardonebanking, for almost eight months with total amount of money £3260 pounds then when i went for holiday in south africa when back on my journy home i lost my bank card, immediately i informed them and they told me their gona post me a new bank card, since last year i have not recived the card and their deducting my throught subscription, how can claim my money legally?


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  • Mo
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    HI mate, the best thing to do is ring them up and tell them you haven't recieved your card from when you have lost it. then tell them to pay you back or take legal action against them. or other thing is go down to thier place and take to the manager afther you have done that tell them about the money they have been deducting and get it all back. also take proof.

    any more info plz email me:


  • Da
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    Thank you, but the problem is when runf them that the card is lost they just stopped my account and also they stopped talking to me whenever i tried to complain to them, i can check the balance on my mobile phone, i can see that their deducting money on my account, in general i don't have any clue what steps to take because i can see that their deducting £25/ every month since i reported my lost bank card ''cardONEbanking''.


  • Cr
      14th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I cant use the on-line service, for about two weeks, i told them about that but nothing, every time i call using my mobile is £2 or £3 goes for nothing this is not right...

  • Go
      28th of Nov, 2009
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    cardonebanking - Online Banking
    United Kingdom

    Poor online banking facilities.
    Inexperienced call handlers.
    3 weeks to complete the opening of an account.
    Exceedingly clunky, partly working telephone banking.


  • Go
      9th of Jul, 2012
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    Cardone Banking is a load of rubbish. They claim they charge you a monthly fee to put you in control of your money when, in actual fact, they do everything to prevent such control of your own money. I have only been a customer for five or so months and am already about to cancel my account with them. Their service is appalling, staff are very unhelpful and the systems/facilities they put in place for so-called customer "ease" are absolutely horrendous.

    For example, in order for me to use my card to make payments, I had to set up a transfer from my account to my card for that very same account. Furthermore, after doing so, I will no longer have said money within said account to make transfers or payments from my account because all the money will be on my card for said account. Who ever heard of such gobbledy-gook nonsense?!

    The latest example is that I attempted to make a payment from my card but the payment was declined, despite having more than enough funds on the card. However, despite that payment not going through and showing up as 'unauthorised' on the company website I tried to make the payment through, MY money is being held in a 'pending transaction' status and I am unable to access it.

    Cardone Banking claim that that payment has been 'authorised' and even presented me with an authorisation code. However, the attempted payee company in question can see no record of such authorisation nor processed payment. As a result, I am to wait 15 days before I am able to access this money unless I can compel the alleged payee to fax over confirmation that payment was neither received nor authorised. Nonetheless, the company have (understandably) refused to do so due to lack of record of payment.


  • Ca
      14th of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    @Goldilocks2k12 there goal is to hold your money for as long as possible, interest rate, so any step they take to stop you from accessing it means they pocket interest. hey are not repeat NOT backed or gaurded by the financial services authority so they can get away with anything. do not bank with these cowboys

  • St
      20th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    i have been with cardonebanking for 3 years and i find there excellent . ihave had fraudelant attempts onmy card twice and they replaced the cards withing 5 days as they promised. if you talk to them they are very helpfull. I did have a payment declined as i didnt know the max amount you can have out in a day was £2000 on the card, now i know thats fine.

  • Ja
      16th of Mar, 2014
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  • Ca
      14th of Dec, 2016
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    @Jamie34 true

  • As
      23rd of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    I am a first time card one banking customer and due to get paid £1500 approx today but it hasn't gone in my work said it went through ok there end but not the bank end when I rang them they said it may clear later but when I asked them if a check for me was received and waiting to clear they said they can't see one in there but it might clear later which don't make any sense to me at all am I about to be robbed?????

  • Co
      2nd of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    I've previously joined up basically just about a week now not even that anyways.. I got paid from my work just this friday and seeing that I haven't received my card or pin I thought ask them if I could transfer it to my friends account and where I was charged £10 so I what ever seeing that said it will be there in the same day. Checking all through the nothing there so I thought what was the point of charging me it if u haven't actually put the money in yet!! Anyway I called them to say what was happening to my money then to find out they had put a block no my account and they need to see id like again to re open it (AYE) I've just opened!!! As u do u argue ur point as I did plus then person was actually being so damn rude saying he didn't want to repeat him self and that I just needed to send my id again. Tbh first impressions is appauling and I would stay clear from them

  • Ca
      14th of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    @courtz16 go to the office in chester and take a baseball bat, usually works. i opened an account but my gut said they were dodgey so i never had my benefits put into the account. i started getting daily nuisence phone calls where they are on the line but no one says a word for a min then put the phone down. cowbowys are dealt with with baseball bats

  • Ri
      13th of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    Dreadful. Do not go for this card. Ordered it. They rang me and said if I paid the monthly charge now over the phone they would get my card out today. As soon as they had taken payment they then said we will get the card out today it will be with you in 7 to 10 days. Waited, nothing arrived. Called them and was told that the card hadn't been ordered and they would get it out today and it will take 7 to 10 days.
    Nothing arrived. I am on the phone with them now and they are telling me the card hasn't been ordered and it will be 7 to 10 days. Utter rubbish.
    Waiting to speak to a manager now, here he is saying I am looking into this now and then just cut me off.
    Also when you are setting up the account they do not mention that to pay money in you have to buy paying in slips from them at £3.50 for 12 to pay in through Barclays and your cash, thats right cash will take 8 days to reach your account. You can pay in through the Post Office but you need a unique barcode which you can't print off until your card arrives with your login details.
    The whole thing is a scam. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THIS COMPANY and do not believe any of the anonymous we think it's brilliant crap.

  • Ta
      19th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    this so called bank is a scam...avoid at all costs

  • Ca
      14th of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    these cowboys were giving me daily nuisence phone calls - no spaeking then min later thyey put phone down haha, 1471 each time it was them and this was to push me into depositing my money into the account as i hadn't given them a penny apart from a fiver to open the account. Steer clear.

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