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CardCBO/ / Non Delivery of Poduct

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This website looks pretty good and communication is prompt upto the time that you send your money. then communications drops cold. and your product is not deliverd. I know that the funds were collected because that was confrmed by western union... I will there have to conclude that this company is a scam

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  • Me
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Yes they are a scam site i have sent theme 500USD and they dont sent me any product

    how i can get my money from these [censored]ed ??

  • Da
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    Yes. I confirm. They scammed me to... I send them 500 dollars and they never sent me the card

  • Sc
      26th of Oct, 2008
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    I sent them $1000 last year and then got no reply to my questions and complaints. There was small print but very difficult to find. If there should be any strange looking transactions you lose all control of the card and the money. Living overseas I figure I must have rung a bell cause the card was no good from the start but then again the creeps never answered me after they got the money. I see the web site is gone now. Maybe they moved. I did a search on them long ago and found they had hundreds of other web names. I doubt they are totally gone. All I have to say is never send money to some name in some foreign country where you cannot control it and make sure the business actually has an address. This one did not.

  • Ba
      11th of Nov, 2009
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    I know Marco Perinho, I worked with him before, and I never had a problem with him.

    I know some time ago he had a health problem and have been away for quite some time. Because of that he had problems with the credit cards issuing Bank and had no choice but to close his business.

    He did lost a lot of money.

    I did not have any problems, but if you purchased a credit card by that time you may have lost money also.

    I've heard he already refund many people. You may have to contact him or just wait your turn. I'm sure from what I know he will do all to make it up to you.
    It is not more then half dozen of people anyway.

    I assure you he is a very nice person. He just had bad luck on the past.
    He would never keep your money. If he did'nt had the problem that caught him by surprise and made him leave.

    I hope he's back soon and I'm sure he will prove all of this to you. At least I'm very sure he will try.

    I wish you health Marco, and miss you. Come back soon.

  • Si
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    Hey just wait... Maybe could not wait a couple days... I always received my cards. It's true that sometimes it toke 5 hours and once I remember was about 5 days. But hey becareful when talking to people like that online.

    I think you all full of crap or maybe from competition no?

  • Si
      5th of Jan, 2010
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    Ok, i talked with him. He's not happy ofcourse but gave me a free card preloaded with $3 and i will post it here and guess what? From now on extra work and higher comissions for me ;-).

    Now, i'm inserting the card details here on 5 of January 2010. 22:19 GMT.

    The first person to grab the card will work for SURE. Ofcourse it wont work for everybody else because it has been used already. You can use this card with any name and address of your choice.

    What i ask is, to the first person who use the card to come back here and post your comments. Tell us where you used (you can use for a donation), how did it work for you? You can also go to the website and request statement. Do not act like the people we have seen or the same will happen again and again such as the first person who use this card will be successufully and do not come back here, what for? And all the others will come back and tell the world the cards do not work, it is a bad service etc, etc... Why? Because their mad, they thinking i was scammed and they act like one. And we only hear it from one side and judge people just like that.

    Onother thing is, you have mentioned Zenaida Perinho? Oh come on, what are you doing? She's not there. Shes not even portuguese, shes married to one of the perinhos, but shes on her country right now and she doesn't know what's going on there. Thats not nice to give bad name to people like that. Grow up.

    Ok, so what happens from now on it's up with YOU. Yeah YOU who used the card FIRST.

    Only the first person to use it first will be successfull ofcourse, so come back and tell us about it or hide yourself and let some people call them scammers.

    Important, do not use more than $3 or card will be locked automatically and will not work again without a request.

    Now think good with your BRAIN do the right thing and be honest. Yes YOU who used the card.

    I know there are many scammers out there and i warn you to be carefull.

    But i'm talking about WORLDCARDPRO.COM here. Let's not forget it.

    Remember now is: 5 of January 2010. 22:19 GMT.
    GMT so everybody knows what time we're talking about.

    Heres the details:
    card# 4048650024847442
    CVV# 061
    expire Date: 02/2010
    amount: $3

    Hey, i did not used it myself.

    Have a nice day.

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