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I ordered merchandise with the website's Live Chat, confirmed what I wanted and they told me that is what is ordered. Well, what was shipped to me was not even close to what I wanted. I spent about an half an hour talking to someone that was very difficult to understand. At first she tried telling me that the products were what I ordered; to which I refused to let that shady scenario fly.
Then I was told that she would okay the return but that they would email me shipping instructions to return the products within 4 days. I received the email in 4 days to find out that even though they made a mistake and shipped the wrong product, I am paying for the shipping...both ways!
Also, it will take up to four weeks to get a credit for the product; however, my account was charged immediately for the products! As a frequent internet shopper, I have never experienced such unethical business practices.


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  • Jo
      Aug 07, 2008

    I just had a problem with them. After placing an order and paying with pay pal 2 days ago I called them today to check on the status of my order, because I never have received a receipt. They told me that they didn't have any information about me, and they didn't work with paypal. I do have the paypal receipt and I have posted a complain with paypal, but my ordered cost me almost $800. Now I'm stuck with a truck without the parts I need and a deficit on my checking account. Something stinks here...

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  • Ed
      Dec 17, 2009 - Rip off
    United States

    I ordered a power steering pump for my Land Rover, when I ordered it it stated a $61.00 Core charge added to the bill that was redeemable when I sent the Core part back. When I recieved the new part, there was no instructions or address for sending the Core part to them. I called Customer Service and was continually sent to the Returns Dept. The Return Dept said they dont accept old parts as core...only New resellable parts. I asked them to look on their web site. They then put me on hold (never returning) I've made several more rquest for returning Core parts for deposit Credit...No luck. They wear you down till you give up. Never honoring the Core Deposit refund.

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  • Jk
      Sep 20, 2010 - RIPPED OFF!
    17150 South Margay Avenue
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Ordered a semi-custom fit 'Cover King' car cover from them in May 2017 for $135.00. Didn't even get it on the vehicle right away. Was on there about 6 weeks when the wind blew it off and away. Gone forever...

    Called them September, complained about a less that adequate fit, being too short in height, and the fact that there no grommets incorporated into the cover to strap it down.

    They told me it would be covered under warranty.

    They initiated a replacement order, however I had to pay for it upfront, and was told that I would get the warranty money credited back to my bank account.

    Received the replacement, a week goes by, and no credit was ever issued. Called them again asking where my credit was, and then was told that I wouldn't get my credit. That it's not covered under
    any warranty.

    Seems you get told something different with different people you talk to. Or maybe I was just 'conned' by them telling me I would receive the warranty credit after I gave them my debit card number.

    Was smarter with my initial order... used paypal instead of my debit card. Now I have to worry that they have my debit card number!

    Argued with them, (when I wasn't sitting on hold), for well over 40 minutes. Told them because of the fit, and the fact that there were no gromets, that it was a deffective product. They they tell me that with
    their 'limited warranty', I have to return the old product back in order to receive a credit.

    Ah... the old cover is 'gone with the wind'! I can't evensend them a picture of it anymore.

    These people can hardly speak or understand English, no doubt part of the new wave of lying, immigrant con artists, that are ripping off the American consumer!

    I'm disabled and on a fixed income. I had to work every penny of that cover into my budget. Now further in debt, expecting that warranty credit to get applied to my account, finding out today it's not going to happen.

    When talking to them, I figured I would accept the replacement, since they 'promised' a credit to be issued, spend $15.00 for a grommet kit, and put my own grommets in it, so this won't ever happen again.

    If I knew I would never see that warranty credit, I would have purchased a better cover from someone else.

    Those funds they ripped me off for, could have supplied me with groceries for two months, or all my medications for one month.

    They have not heard the last of me!

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  • Op
      Sep 22, 2011 - I will not buy from them again and would suggest that you avoid them as well
    United States

    "I ordered bed rail caps for my 78" truck bed. Several weeks later 96" rails arrive. I wrote the company and waited for over a week without response. I wrote the company again, and again I waited more than a week and the company did not respond.A thrid time I wrote the company and recieved no reply At this point I'd given up receiving a response, so I cut the rails to fit my truck. finally, I was contacted by the company. they were very apologetic about the mis shipment and sent me another set of rails. They told me to keep the originals since they had been cut anyway.

    When I received the replacement rails they were the exact same 96" rails I had received the first time. ... So, I wrote the company. A week later they responded with RMA information. Their packing restrictions were stringent, but I complied. I was told that they would not replace the order becasue of the previous history, but would refund my purchase price. At this point, I was fine with almost any positive response. RMA was shipped back on Aug 29. I called the company today (Sept 22) and was told that they were not going to provide my refund!

    I am not asking for something for nothing here. I ordered a part and paid for the part in good faith. This company did not deliver what was purchased and ultimately refused to stand behind its promises. This company lacks integrity. I will not buy from them again and would suggest that you avoid them as well."

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  • Be
      Apr 27, 2012

    Likewise, I ordered a repair manual for a Mercedes. They advertised they had a Haynes manual for my car, but after later investigation Haynes carries no such manual.
    Carstuff parcel arrived and not only was the manual wrong, but also in Spanish.
    I called the company, they seemed to be a Mexican based operation, I was passed onto four different people and got no real solution.
    So, I paid $37.38 for the manual, they refunded my cc $25.28, deducted a restocking fee and deducted shipping, so ostensibly I am out $20 with no manual.
    Avoid this Company by all costs, they are a Mexican operation, using a Illinois residence address. You have been warned!

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  • Sl
      Sep 07, 2012 - I will not buy from them again and would suggest that you avoid them as well
    United States

    I ordered an ECT sensor online, what arrived was not an ECT sensor. After much back and forth over the phone, I finally realized that they hadn't sent me the 'wrong' part, it was just mislabeled, BUT this is still a mistake from their end, and they repeatedly tried to blame me & refuse a refund.

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  • To
      Feb 25, 2013

    I've ordered a seat cover for my 1996 Hyundai Elantra and didn't hear a word for two weeks before I sent them an email inquiring into the status of my order. I decided to also check into complaints about their business practices. I can sympathize with this complainant's plight but think there are additional steps that need to be taken to rectify the situation or make close their doors. There are numerous administrative and legal remedies available and there is ample evidence that damages could be assessed to motivate the company to turn over a new leaf.

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