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Car loan Company / Horasment

1 North Fort Myers, FL, United States

My husband and I couldn't get a loan from anyone else do to some credit problems but the car dealership eventually got us one through Flamingo Financing Company, which was all good at the time. But then we had to move to Michigan where there is no work but we made sure our payments where made when we could come up with the money. When we would fall behind the calls started at 7:30 in the morning and didn't stop till about 9:00 at night. Which caused a problem with my disabled mother and her husband it also put a strain on my marriage, which started the downhill spiral. Six months after we moved to Michigan my husband took the Jeep and left me stranded here in Michigan, so I no longer have the Jeep in my posetion and am trying to get a devorce do to a major break down in the marriage do to the fact that my ex-husband threatened to kill my mother, but anyway.

So I haven't had the Jeep since November of 2007 and they suspended my DL. do to the fact that he hasn't gotten insurance, and started calling me 8 to ten times a day I have had to turn my phone off just so I don't get that audimated call every hour on the hour. Mind you I gave them verbal and writen permision to go retrieve the Jeep form my ex-husband (I even gave them his last known address, but they are still calling me and just because I gave them another phone number to call one day while I was at a friends house they assumed that I lived there and began calling his house all the time also. I would like to take legal acction against this company but I'm not working and there is no way I can afford an attorney.

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