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Car Credit America - Aurora, IL / Consumer fraud

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Car Dealership in aurora Illinois here is my complaint

I, Genesis Nance, purchased an automobile on July 20, 2007 from Car Credit America. When I test drove the vehicle I smelled a burning antifreeze smell. When I brought the vehicle back from the test drive I told the sales person (Oscar) about the smell. Oscar told me that I could bring the car back on Tuesday July 24, 2007 at 1:00 p.m. On my way home the car started to over heat and the smell got worse. I parked the car and called Oscar the next day and told him and he told me that they would take care of it on Tuesday. I did not drive the car over the weekend of July 21, 2007. On Monday I got dropped off at work and picked up. On Tuesday, July 24, 2007, I had my cousin take the car in. When he got there the repair guy (I think his name is Jim) told my cousin that he only had me down to fix my tire.

My cousin called me and told me what he said. I call up to Car Credit and talked to Oscar. Oscar went to the back and talked to the repair guy. The repair guy told my cousin that I needed to take the car down to this other repair shop that helps them out when they are booked up. The name of the shop was called U&I Auto located in Aurora at 1304 East New York Street. The repair person took the keys from my cousin, stating they would look at the car in a little bit. Before my cousin left the repair person asked him what was the problem. My cousin told the mechanic what was wrong. The mechanic stated they would call me hen it is ready. I called back around 5:00 p.m. asking was the car ready. I was told they would get to it tomorrow. I asked "why was it not done today?" I was informed it was other cars that were before me. The next day, Wednesday July 25, 2007, I called that morning. They told me they would get to it later that day and call me but of course I never received a call.

I called the repair shop back. They told me that they looked at the car and found nothing wrong with it. I asked, "How is that possible when I smell burning antifreeze?" The car is over heating. The mechanic stated I do not know what you smell, but I can not find anything wrong. I went and picked the car up around 6:30 p.m. I was told again that he could not find anything wrong with the car. They informed me they fixed my tire. I told him you are telling me I have been without a car for 4 days and all you did was fix my tire. He told me to call Car Credit and tell them about my problem.

On my way home the low coolant light was on and of course the car smelled like burning antifreeze. I just parked it because I did not understand what the problem was. I put some antifreeze in the car. The next morning I took the car to work. When I got off I went outside to get in the car and it was antifreeze mixed with oil all on the ground by and under the car. I took the streets home. When I got home I called Car Credit to talk to Oscar or Patrick. They were not available. On Saturday morning, July 28, 2007, I got a call from Pat at Car Credit. He asked me was I coming in to give them my payment. I told him I am not paying anything for a car that I drove all of 3 times since I purchased it. I informed him the car was still doing the same thing.

Pat stated to me that U&I Auto told him it was nothing wrong with the car. I told Pat I do not care what U&I Auto told him. I am not driving this car because it does not operate appropriately. Pat asked me again, "When are you coming in with the payment?" I told him again I was not coming in with a payment. I informed him I am returning this car back to you because it makes no since to buy a car I cannot drive.

Not one time did he say bring it in so I can take a look at it and work something out. He just blew me off and told me well bring me the car. I told him I will be there. Due to prior engagements I could not make it on Saturday to drop it off. Therefore, on Sunday I dropped it off, put the keys and a note explaining the same thing I am stating in this letter.

I never received a call; nothing to tell me that they had received the car. I called them I think it was Tuesday, July 31, 2007. I spoke with the repair guy Jim in the back. He told me he looked at the car. He informed me the car could not have been leaking antifreeze. He stated it was oil or something that was leaking. He informed me it is fixed now. I told him ok, but I still do not want that car back because it is too much of a headache because no one can tell me where the antifreeze was coming from and why the car smelled like it was burning and why the low coolant light was on.

I informed him just because you fixed that one problem does not mean that I want that car back because it is more wrong with that car that I cannot even use it for its purpose which is to get back and forth from home and work.

I never received another call from anyone until yesterday August 3, 2007. Pat called leaving me a message telling me that I have 2 choices now that the car is completely fixed, 1) I can pick it up, or 2) they will go ahead and start paperwork for wage garnishment for the total amount of the car which is $12,324.76. I called him back. I informed him I am not going to pay for a car I had for one week, and that my corporate office was not going to let them garnish my check for this car. Pat told me if they will not honor the garnishment Car Credit will sue them (American Residential Services), which I found out from an anonymous person that, that isn't correct and won't be happening. Pat also stated we will get our money.

I decided to take my issues to Ms. Lisa Madigan's Office for Consumer Fraud. I am requesting the Illinois Attorney General's office file a complaint against Car Credit for fraud. In addition, I am requesting Ms. Madigan's office issue an order restraining Car Credit from initiating a wage garnishment against me for a car they have in their possession.

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  • Ta
      7th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Car credit america is a rip off they get you to buy the messed up car promise you this this and that and couldnt get the gas to go into car no oil in the car because it was burning the first day i got the car the last but not least 1 month later the check engine light came on what kind of dealer ship is this that it gets away with this treatment to human being now i cant get a answer to the service department and i went in and stood in the service department for 20 min i didnt get a hi hello can i help you what am i suppose to do i call and call and i get a hold on and no one ever comes back to the phone.

  • Ma
      18th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    nope car credit they really don't rip off people.the thing is why you guy's go there the first time to get a car? second of all is because you guy's are not qualify for the other dealer ship 3rd you guy's gotta give them some time to repaire you'r car.i mean hey they will fix you'r car an get it done ASAP so i just don't know how you guy's can say that about car credit america.

  • Ve
      26th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I bought a car from them in a week the transmission went out. I called them to come get it. And left it there I didn't want it and there is a lemon law in illinois. Well I went to go buy a car from a real lot and they ran my credit. The car was on my credit it showed I made like six payments and stop paying. I never made one payment and gave them the car back in a week before a payment was due. Now this is on my credit and I have to file bankruptcy to get it off. They don't do bisness properly.

  • Kl
      12th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I bought a car from them a year 1/2 ago and I had to take it back four times now the car credit of America in Waukegan Il is now closed because of them ripping off consumers, now Niko credit service has taken over all the people who have payments left on their cars because car credit America in waukegan Illinois is now Closed, I do thinks its unfair because I felt like car credit of America and Niko credit should have followed the ethical code and just gave all the people like myself who have been paying for a 1Year and waived the rest of our payments because too be honest the cars aren't worth sh** so they wouldn't be able to get a lot of money from the cars they were used to began with and now that half of us had them a year to two years they are not worth much maybe $500.00 dollars

  • Co
      15th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yes Car Credit is a total rip off!!! I also purchased from waukegan, il was making payments then 1 day went to make a payment the place was closed, no notice to customers, which is against the law! Now the folks that are finally calling me after the dealership being closed for months, are saying that I owe an additional $2, 000 then what I truly owe. The Credit folks are saying that Car Credit lied to its purchasers.
    How are we being help responsible for that?! This is their business that abviously flopped and we have to pay the price for all of the problems???

    Do not purchase from them, please, I now have to research how to fight this...please if anyone knows what or how I can handle this let me know!

  • Co
      19th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Today my truck is GONE, i have had this truck since march 2007 and it hasn't passed emmission since the day i purchased it for$ 5000 less $1, 000 down payment one day they went out of business and i have never been contacted by ANYONE. I called this Niko place and they told me they had no one to repair my car and i told them i have never been able to drive the piece of @#$% becauser of the part.Why am i supposed to pay for something THEY were to fix before i even stated to pay for the truck These idiots even siad i still owe $6, 000!!! How, Why?? Can this really happen? This should be illegal and they should be sued. If anyone has any info on this please contact me.

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