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Well i was contacted by Erin and he talked for about two hours and i said i didn't have money so he said well how do you shop online and i said i borrow my moms credit card, so dumb me, he got my mothers card and said don't worry will have your moms money paid back in no time which is a crock of sh&% but i thought that it would help my site, well that was a crock to, all i got was bulk submission which i could have done myself if i wanted a bunch of spam mail, so they got $1800.00
from my moms card without her permission and nothing being signed and i was told that the first 3 months were free and the next three were $79.99 so i emailed them to cancel before the 3 months were up and they replied by saying that i would have to pay the 3 months and i would get my money back, if i wasn't satisfied, so i told them to cancel and keep the 3 month fee and give the rest back. Well that was a crock to, when i phoned they had not canceled and they said i couldn't get my money back and that i owed them for three months, forget it! They are the biggest scam out there and now they are trying to send my mother to collections and she has nothing to do with it and did not authorize any of this! They are liars and they will pay back for all the wrong they have done to everyone! They did not even have my password for my site to do anything with because i changed it right away as soon as i found out they were a scam. They even tried blocking me out of my own site, it said that i was not authorized to change my own pass word thank God i got past that with help.

These guys had worked for a real marketing company in Seattle and thought they new enough to go out on there own to scam people, well there doing a good job of that and they need to be stopped, how many times do they have to be reported before they will be stopped! Everyone but them work hard for their money, I am pissed like everyone else we need to get a class action lawsuit together and anything they have said in there replies to all the complaints are lies don't believe anything they say! All the reports that have been written are true because its happened to me as well LETS STOP THESE ###! and by the way your receptionist is a rude B!T@& and don't think she isn't because she is! You have a BAD so called company and you will pay for stealing from innocent people. ANY LAWYERS OUT THERE THAT WANT TO HELP WITH THIS CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT THAT WOULD BE GREAT FOR EVERYONE! Is this even legal what there doing i know its not in Canada they would all be in Jail!

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  • Ca
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    They will not last forever. Be it by litigation or movements in the market. It's funny to imagine their managers believing that their business is sustainable - it's not. They think they've carved out this nice little corner of the market - they haven't. The problem is with the company culture, and it reaches all the way to the top; rotten to the core, as they say. Uneducated, unwilling, and unacceptable for any real business. These people are living in their own little world, with cultural tunnel vision telling them that things never change - they're wrong. I work in the industry, and run across their clients all the time. Things don't happen overnight (well, accept for rate drops), but they are at the end of their time, and they don't even know it. Maybe that comforts you, and I'm sorry it doesn't fix your current situation.

  • Ca
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    Your report is full of holes and your remarks are far from the actual reality of the situation.

    You do realize you signed a 6 month agreement, giving us up until that time to perform any necessary services on your site to achieve ranking results on search engines. You canceled after 1 month, which is OK to do as long as you pay for the remaining 3 months of your agreement. Basically, since you didn't give us the time required to get results, you will have to pay an early termination fee to cancel (standard policy here for everyone).

    To this day I can still find your site on Google for the keywords we researched (which describe what you do perfectly), despite you canceling the service a month in (not giving us the full 6 months) and changing your password after only a portion of our work had been done. In addition, you voided your agreement once you changed the source code without first checking with us (it can be harmful to change them up all the time, and makes it more difficult to achieve results quickly).

    Bottom line, you won't be getting a refund due to the reasons listed above, you should stick with the program you signed up for and agreed to see through for 6 months until the full 6 months are up and re-evaluate at that time. If you still feel the same, cancel your account with no further obligation. Who knows, you may even be making sales by then which help on your way to a decent ROI. We may even be able to try extra things to improve the performance of your package, but you have to follow through with what you agreed to and work with us a bit. Otherwise, we do send monthly payment debts to collections.

    As an update to others, we did try to make contact with Joanne and succeeded, however she kept hanging up on me, yelling and using very fowl language, so it was hard to come to a resolution that way.

    Go to Google and type in her keywords, the site was on page 3 to 4 working its way up. Since they removed/changed our work it has dropped back to page 5 or 6, but still visible.

  • Ca
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    Carpal Tunnel ,

    No crime in sharing your opinion, guess we'll see what happens. Our business grows each year as does our level of service. There's always individuals who don't agree, that's part of what's great about this country, we all have our say and opinion. As for running into our unhappy customers, it would make sense that you would, since you seem to hang out in complaint forums (where is is highly unlikely you'd run into any of our happy customers). Hang out where the successful people post, you'll probably bump into a few people we've helped there. Obviously our track record isn't perfect, as it rarely is in this industry, when it comes to ranking sites, however we clearly explain this all BEFORE sign up. It's clearly explained that it can take up to 6 months or longer, depending on how much control we have within their administrative managers. It's not that it isn't possible sooner, just that it depends on the site, the products, how much the site owner works their site and all kinds of other variables like changes SE's make, etc. Obviously you haven't been around long enough to realize that we work with what the customer already has. We can recommend things forever, but the fact of the matter is some budgets don't warrant a new site, new technology or other needed changes that require them to shut down what they have and start fresh and possibly waste time and money. We would rather try and work with what they have and THEN, if there's no positive result, we will recommend another solution.

  • Dr
      26th of Jan, 2008
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    Matthew, I'll shoot you an e-mail if anything comes up.

  • 4b
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    I would be happy to join in a class action against these crooks. Just tell me where to sign up. I like to think I am intelligent, but against my better judgement i signed up with, or whoever they are. I got nothing for my money and am still being harrassed by their sales staff and their accounting people trying to get more money.

    Vernon, BC Canada

  • Wi
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    I agree that it was a total waste of money. I also called at the 3 month mark to cancel and was told that I would be responsible for the remaining 3 months of the agreement, but it is now almost a year and am still being charged. These people should wear masks and carry guns. I truly feel like I have been robbed. If a class action is started against these people, I would like to be part of it.


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