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Captovis Advanced Industries Inc. - Warranty Work / Withholding payment from contractor

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This is long but read till the end. The last paragraph is the kicker!! DO NOT DO CONTRACT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!! THEY WILL EVENTUALLY RIP YOU OFF!

I have a three year history with this company. I used to do on-site electronics repair for anything from Plasma's, LCD', DLP's, Computers, printers, copiers, etc. They are a warranty repair company for big box stores. The would dispatch a ticket that was 2 hours away from me, it would take 2 hours to do the job and two hours return. That is six hours total, but they would only want to pay my normal fee of an hour on site and 15-30 min commute. On top of this there was a $10 toll! You may ask why did I just not decline the ticket? Well they really pressure you into it and if you leave them hanging they will leave you hanging.

If you get on their bad side, they will ignore your calls for tech support while you are on site. I called 5 times in 90 minutes at one job because they sent instructions for a different model printer. After five phone conversations with tech support (who claimed they couldn't find a manual) and 90+ minutes of waiting I had to leave the site because I had three other scheduled appointments. While there I had taken 1/2 the machine apart and put it back together and it was working fine (over 100 screws out and then back in) Upon leaving I called my manager and told her what happened and she didn't seem to care. She had the attitude "that's horrible but too bad, sometimes calls go well, sometimes they don't" I also told her I was running late because tech support wouldn't help and they never returned the calls they said they would. Well now I was running late for my next appointment for this company, but I was heading to a new ticket and customer. I called and informed him I was running late.

I arrived on-site and installed the part. It didn't fix the issue. Someone had mis-diagnosed the unit (which happens 2/3 the time). As soon as I got there and he told me what was going on with the unit I thought the parts were probably wrong. When he showed me the problem, I knew they were wrong. I replaced the parts anyway, as per instructions and then diagnosed the unit correctly and ordered replacement parts. When I looked at this work-order online when I got home, my manager had written a "negative" mark that I was late to the site, which was because tech support wasn't helpful at the previous work-order. I should still get paid for this even though the parts didn't fix the issue.

When I arrived to my next site, I got all my material out and unbuttoned the "patient". I had to do a routine procedure but this was a new model, one which I had never worked on. Thin of it like knowing how to change the brake pads on a [protected] and [protected] Volkswagon Jetta and you have a job changing the pads on a 1999. You don't know if they are identical so you take a peak. Everything looks the same but you want to make sure so you check the maintenance manual. Similar situation but for me I was looking at electronics. So I called tech support and told them the situation and I was ordered off the site immediately. This blew my mind. I asked why and I was told I should never have accepted this ticket if I hadn't worked on that model. The only difference between what I had worked on in the past and this model is size. Physical size. Actually most of the parts are all the same, except the spacing in the unit is tighter in smaller units and less tight in larger. Well I button the patient back up and I am on my way to the last client.

I make the 65 mile drive in 85+ mins. I call the customer on the way to let him know my ETA. I get on-site and check in with Captovis and I am told that this work-order has been canceled. They knew this all day long and not once did they let me know. They didn't even email me, which I wouldn't have received until I was at home. Out of the 11 times I talked to people at the company not once did anyone mention this. They even knew which workorder I was going to after the one I was kicked off site. The customer didn't know it was cancelled either. It was canceled by the warranty company as they were buying the unit out instead of repairing it.

So off I went. I drove 385 miles that day. I spent a total of 14 hours of my time and about $50 in gas, and $10 in tolls, and probably $10 in cell minutes while on hold. Here is the kicker. They didn't pay me. I waited for my billing to post and I saw nothing. When I called and complained, I was obviously put on a call blocking list as my cell and office phone number could never get through. I used a friends or family's phone and it went right through. They also neglected to return 1 of 45+ emails ( I emailed about 7-8 people, including the Pres, VP, regional managers, etc). I was put through to the person in accounting (who will NEVER return a call) and left 8 VM's (one per day) and not one returned. I even had fmaily around me when I left the messages and asked if I was being rude or anything while leaving them. The did issue a check at the end. It was for 17% of what I was owed. It just barely covered my gas, tolls and cell bill.

There are more stories and issues but they are not worth more of my time explaining them. Captovis has stolen enough time and money from me already.

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  • Va
      26th of Feb, 2011

    They have been using the lightning strike story for 8 months. They're broke and, even now don't have the most basic of courtesies as to notify the techs. In short, we all got scammed.

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  • De
      4th of Mar, 2011

    I must have gotten lucky, They owed me over $600, but I demanded payment. I got all but $120 which they still owe for 2 work orders. [protected]@sbcglobal.ent

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  • Af
      4th of Mar, 2011

    I am in NY and i have unpaid work orders from captovis...i got the same run around about a glitch so all work orders had to be done by hand...then all the numbers on there dispatch comes back as no longer in service... i guess i have to write it off as a loss ...but now any company that is not known to me is PREPAY.. some have got angery and i told them to find someone else then ... my time, my rules
    after services
    hudson falls, ny

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  • Si
      9th of May, 2011

    I too have been shorted by them. 5 work orders, for a total of nearly $400. Please include me. [protected]

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  • Jo
      24th of Aug, 2011

    Was curious as to if anyone had any updates? This seems to the best and most complete thread / topic that comes up when searching the web. I was a tech of theirs from 10/2007 and worked on the administrative end remote office from approx 10/08 to 05/08 and then once again from 04/10 to approx 09/10. I was there at the ocala office all over the facility post "lightning strike" and never witnessed any damage or evidence of damage. Towards the end of my administrative work on 09/10 if I recall correctly they were in the arrears with vance baldwin for over fifty thousand dollars majority of that being past due by ninety days. I was assured there was nothing to worry about it and this was due to the warranty companies not processing invoices in time. Since I never really had any issue that could not be resolved over the years I took them at their word and kept taking jobs throughout the first week of 12/10. When they dissolved my administrative position in 09/10 I was told there would be cutbacks. Amount outstanding is $635.00. [protected] if you need any personal data just look up their articles of incorporation on the FL website. George founded the company then passed the responsibility to running it to Mary Martin. Although everyone at the office kept up the impression that it was Mary's company it was in fact George's. The only individual that I ever trusted at the company was Craig and he was let go on or around Oct/Nov 2010.

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