Captain D's / front end manager 2633 lebanon road donelson tn. 37214

nashville, AR, United States
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i walk into captain d's located at 2633 Lebanon road 37214 at approximately 805 pm cst. A sweet girl who looked african american or hispanic with curly hair and glasses attempted to take my order. There was a front end supervisor standing behind her with a light blue button up captain d's shirt on and a drive through head set. she was a female white. I tell the girl taking my order that it would be to go and that i wanted the seafood feast. at this point the female white in the light blue shirt became visibly upset. She walked towards the kitchen and slammed the door to the kitchen against the wall as she loudly gasped for air and told the cooks loudly that we got another seafood feast. I knew she was upset and I told the girl never mind and she apologized and i walked out ofbthe establishment. i did not want to spend my money when i knew she didnt want to service me based on what i ordered. Totally unacceptable!!!

Jan 28, 2017

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