Capitol Importsvery bad company to work for.

I hust worked at this place for 1 day and the main problem is that they are very rude when you ask questions at the interview. Another thing is that they dont tell you what the job is until your 3rd interview!! Can you believe it who the hell have ever had a 3rd interview.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chula Vista, CAAlso on my first interview they teach everybody how to scam people this place is like jail you learn all the negatives and nothing! Positive. Over all this company is not worth anybodys time so if you want a real job this is not the place! Dont waste you time selling cheap backpacks on the streets of san diego thanks.

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  • Cr
      Jul 28, 2009

    Think about any job interview you have been through. did they tell you what exactly it is you would be doing? i've have had many jobs and none are what the "boss man" said they would be. as a courtesy clerk, I was suppose to be helping customers find products, but in reality I cleaned toilets. I was a fire controlman in the navy and I picked up trash. I managed a gas station, but really all I did was stock the shelves. jobs that are 100% commission are hard to maintain (because people are lazy) but in the tough economical times this country is experiencing right now - you shouldn't complain about selling legal products on the street. you should be thankful that they even offered you the first interview.

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  • Sn
      Aug 19, 2009

    I haven't been to the interview and already getting a sneaky suspicion about the con I am about to walk into... I got a sense that monkeys answered the phones, I am apparently their "pal" and "buddy", asked me who I was 3x in the same phone conversation, I asked them if they had a website and said, "we are switching hosting services" to which I replied, "so you do have a website?... his rebuttal was,"oh, no", if you tell them,"and you are calling from capitol (fill in the blank) they will say, "yes"... but most annoying... putting someone on "hold" is what they do best...

    Thanks for whom ever posted this complaint... I had a feeling something didnt add up with this company and if it wasnt for this complaint, I never would found information about what this company did, skipped out on temp work, broken a promise and wasted my time. thank you who ever posted the following...
    "posted: 2009-07-10 by capitol imports is a misleading company."

    You must have been really pissed off : - (

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