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Capitol City Bank / Rearranging and fees

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Capitol City Bank has charged me well over $5000.00 US this year ALONE! They have hard posts and soft posts so that when you buy something with debit it doesn't really come out immediately, just whenever the next roll over update is (usually midnight unless it's a weekend or holiday). They will then proceed to rearrange your purchases and order them largest to smallest allowing every single small payment to bounce and therefore charge you $30 fees for things that were purchassed first (sometimes days before) the larger item. They will not work with you in refunding these fees, we have been hung up on and cursed out on the phones. Every penny we have goes into paying overdraft fees because we cannot get caught up due to the fact that they rearrange things, I have even taken in receipts to show them that items were purchased days before and they say well the computers are in charge, deal with it. We have 3 children and it's almost to the point that we are going to have to go out and get another job to be able to payfor the fees because we just can't get out of the hole. They have even criticized us by saying well you obviously had enough to go and blow $300 at WalMart, Yes we did, but it's our business and half of it went into a gas card so my husband wouldn't rack up even more fees trying to fuel up the 3-4 times per week that he needs to in order to go to work so we can pay for these people's fees. IT'S NOT RIGHT! We can barely even afford diapers and formula for our two babies, how can we ever get ahead, it has got to be illegal. I dislike being treated like i'm stupid and we are going to lose our mortgage that they also hold because the money that's supposed to pay it goes into bounce fees. I checked and there are 10 today (Dec. 16, 2008), 10! On things that we paid with debit last Thursday (12/11/08) and were completely (and bounce free) cleared on 12/15/08.

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  • Jm
      5th of Jan, 2009
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    We too have this done to us every month. I have complained numerous times and it does no good. If you check your account online you will find that they submit charges to your account, pay them and then if you check back a day later the charges are gone. Then they will put them back in causing your account to overdraft and then they are able to get all the 30.00 charges for the checks or debits that were lined up to clear. Then those checks or debits bounce and it costs you more. They have a racket going. I have seen people in the bank will their laptops arguing about what they see. They are not being a very good bank. They take advantage of people and STEAL their money. They have costs up thousands of dollars in the past. I would suggest trying to open another checking account and let your Capital City account rest for a little while. I know you may need it open to pay your mortage. if any other people have this problem. Please speak up here. They may be doing something illegal. Maybe if enough people bring it to the public attention.. They may have a class action suit waiting on them.

  • Jj
      12th of Aug, 2010
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    Been there done that. I would give more detail but you have pretty much summed up my exact experience. All I will add is that after a heated discussion with a bank manager today she finally refunded one of the offending fees.
    This has happened before a few times in fact. They are thieves. And if what they do is illegal we need for the regulatory agencies to address it. If not then we need our legislators to make it so.

    I told them that I once knew a fellow that did what they do. But he is serving time in prison for it.

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