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Capitol Cadillac - Greenbelt, MD & State Employees Credit Union / I have lost $52k of my own personal money

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My name is Dereck Dodson. On June 19,2006 I was caught up in a bait and switch involving Capitol Cadillac of Greenbelt,MD. And State Employees Credit Union in MD. I have lost $52k of my own personal money in this problem. Both companies have utilized forged documents to force me into this situation. Joe Tyser, the finance person at Capitol Cadillac starts off by refusing me the return of my money before any paperwork was signed telling me "what money the deal is sealed" after showing no clear rate of interest, in fact promises a finance rate of 5.7% from a binder in his office refusing to call S.E.C.U telling me what else could it be. After I put my money down in good faith all of a sudden its 5.7% with automated billing and 6.2% without automated billing. Not pleased I asked for my money back which sparked the earlier quoted response from Tyser, Cadillac Finance. I tell Tyser since he tells me my moneys gone i before I sign I would have to have a verbal promise of this 5.7% with no automated billing he says he could not. I tell him "then give me my money back" he laughs sits there for a minute and says "fine you got it" I call him on it, he agrees and I sign under duress. Then I find out he can't deliver at signing and tries to get me to sign a waiver to that fact, I refused. With all the diceit involved and Tyser's treatment I intend on changing the deal the next day siting Tyser's prior refusal to call S.E.C.U Credit union. On june 20, 2006 the next day I spoke to the salesman I had been dealing with there Art Johnson. I tell him about Tyser's refusal of my money before signing and also tell him I want a reufund or to change the deal siting my money already in their posession. Johnson conspires with the sales manager to get me in their confidence and out of the dealership so they could deny my request after the fact to do this they promised me lease papers which would also yeild a partial refund. With those promises Johnson leads me to purchase rims for this vehicle quoting the $4600 price as a lease upgrade. No paperwork was ever shown to me showing any compensation for the factory wheels I quoted Johnson on it he said the money was there it was not. Leaving with the truck on the 20th I was promised leases papers the next day. On the 21st which was wednesday I returned to the dealer to find no Tyser,finance I phone him and leave a message for him with the receptionist. Art Johnson did not return my phone calls either. That night I called S.E.C.U 24hr. Hotline to report these goings on in fear of the people at Capitol Cadillac forging this deal after lying to me several times and promising me a different deal. Two days later S.E.C.U employee Kimberly Hughes leaves me a message telling me they had incomplete paperwork for me to sign so they could begin billing me. Despite me calling her leaving a second message she calls back almost a month later telling me I was going into default with S.E.C.U. After all that I end up with a S.E.C.U. Lein on a title and they reposess the truck leaving me stripped of my only transportation for my disabled mother. I believe that these people honestly intended to do me harm in this case just wanting to put themselves in position to suit Capitol I believe. I also end up having to call the Greenbelt police inside a S.E.C.U. Branch just to get my money out of my account to pay my bills after the reposession. I say this because I had called the previous day after finding my atm access denied.The person I was referred to was a Valerie Lewis she told me I would not be denied my my in my account. Upon my arrival I am ran around to two or three different windows made to wait almost an hour only for some one to force me to call the law after speaking with this same person on the phone in front of me.


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