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Capital One / harassment

1 TX, United States Review updated:

I have had my phone number for 4+ years. From the beginning of that time I have been getting harassing phone calls from Capital One auto at the number of [protected] & 3533. There are other 800#'s too from them. As I write this I just got 2 calls within 45 mins. from them. They are looking for a woman named Jennifer Lutz. I do not know a Jennifer Lutz and have never had any contact with her whatsoever. I have told Capital One to please not call me, that I am not that woman, we don't know her and stop calling. They refuse to believe me and sometimes say things like "oh, right, your not Jennifer huh? Just pay your bills". I have had it with them. I've called them back numerous times only to get someone else who doesn't believe me but said they'd take the number out. They didn't. I have emailed their headquarters etc. with no response and I have sent them a letter in the mail telling them to stop calling me. They refuse. I told them to just goggle my phone number and they can see its not this Jennifer person. Obviously they do not care. I am very upset by this b/c my husband and I have excellent credit and we do not deserve this harassment from them. We have never nor would we ever now have any account or anything whatsoever to do with Capital One. Yes, I could just not answer the phone but I also have an infant and other children here and it's a huge bother to have the phone ringing all the time. Plus, its my phone and I am not wrong.

I googled Capital One and found that I am not the only person who has been harassed by them incorrectly. There has to be somewhere for people like us to turn for help. I do not want to change my number b/c I have a home business and it is very inconvenient for me to do that and also unfair to me as a good citizen who pays her bills on time and has excellent credit.

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  • Va
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    I have had a Capital One Card since 1999 and usually if not always paid my bills in full every month. Here in San Diego County we had a fire and many including my self had to be evacuated for several days. Some how, I misplaced or did not receive my credit card bill and did not pay it on time. The following Month I paid the full amount due and an abusive late charge. That was not the end, recently I made a large purchase thinking I would pay it off over time at the 8% or 9% rate I had with Capital One but found my rate had been adjusted to 27.15%, I also have a blemish on my credit report. I did call them and they offered to reduce the rate to 12% but I still find that abusive. If my company did business the way Capital One does, we would not be in business long.

  • Va
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    Capital One No hassle Miles Card changed the terms of their earnings reward program with little communication. They halved the earnings previously earned for cash rewards rather than on a go forward basis that resulted in lost cash earnings.

  • Ba
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    Record the conversations. In your state, you may not have to tell them you are recording it, but do so anyway. Then take them to small claims court and have a field day!

    Keep us posted on your story.


  • Al
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    I was with Capitalone for A long time. I never was late on payments, I never paid half a bill. My bills ranged from, $280.00/down..I paid in full. Someone from capitalone made an error, and cancelled my account. When I discovered, I could not access my card, I called. They said, "once the account has been cancelled, It cannot be re-opened. I have to file another application. They owe me, $32.00 and some change.And said I must wait two months for my refund. I asked three agents for their corporate number.They said they don't have a corporate number!!! 7202 N. MO; PAC Expy, Austin, Tx;78731 (512)346-2586 Corporate./// Or-- Bureau Of Consumer Protection Office.Nevada Attorney General..555 E. washington Street.Suite 3900. Las Vegas, Nevada;89101 (702) 486-3132

  • Re
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    Months after closing an account because Capital One refused to deal with a fraudulent item and being assured the account was closed and paid in full, I am still getting letters and phone calls. I have made it clear my account is closed.

    Phone calls come at all times of the day and all days (Sundays too) of the week. They have threatened to mare my credit rating. I have responded in writing and made it abundantly clear I will not pay for a fraudulent charge.

    Give that the original charge was under $100 and that they have spent much more than that in time to harass me and lost a good customer (I typically charged $1, 000 or more per month on the CO card), I’d say they have a flawed business model.

  • Ho
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Capital One - Credit Card Harrassment
    Capital One
    United States

    I too am getting calls from Capital One, and have never in the past, not will I in the future, be a customer. Do they think I have control over a relative's business. How did they get my WORK cell phone number? First they would ask for the relative, now when I say hello, they hang up! When I called they said my number would be remooved in 2-3 business days. Not acceptible in my opinion. The manager I then asked to talk to could not do any better. When I told him I thought this was harrassment, he disagreed and said it was more like UNETHICAL!!! This from an employee!!! What's in your wallet? Hope it's not a Capital One card...spread the work to your relatives as well. If they miss a payment, they will let it be know to everyone in your family, cause they'll be calling anyone and everyone they can find!!

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