Capital One Bank / garnishment past the statute of limitations

I had a Capitol One Master Card Opened in 2008, I lost my job and it was charged off in 2010. I currently have 2 Capitol One VISAs both paid on time every month. Capitol One's Attorney Jacques Machol Of Machol & Johannes 700 17th Street Suite 200, Denver, CO 80202 on March 1, 2011 sent 3 process servers to my home at 9:15 p.m. I noticed they were writing my license plate number down, when I asked them to leave they wouldn't. My husband also asked them to leave, they wouldn't sat outside our home trying to intimidate us for about 2 hours until we called the police, who made them leave. When they saw it was the police they tried to speed away but the police stopped them we were going to file harassment charges. We Never heard from Machol & Johannes after that. We applied for a Mortgage Dec 28 2015 and found out Capitol One had put this old debt on my credit report on Jan 11, 2016 as if it was a brand new debt when I called Capitol One the first representative told me she would have it deleted from all 3 credit reports but couldn't and had to transfer me to another girl that told me it had been charged off and to contact the attorney, when I asked why it was Capitol One trying to put an old Account on my credit report as new she had no answer. Today, Jan 22, 2016 I found out that Machol & Johannes still representing Capitol One for this charged off account has garnished my wages at my new job. I have never been notified and only found out because I checked my Paycheck Stub. Colorado
statue of limitations is 6 years. The Credit Limit was $2000, Capitol One Charged Exorbitant Overlimit Fees, After it was charged off making me owe $5387.00. I have no public records and have worked hard to get my credit where it needs to be. Because Of Capitol One Banks and their Attorney's illegal business practices I am unable to have my name put on a mortgage and when the Process servers were sent and would not leave violating me and my family's constitutional right to privacy. From what I understand, per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, they cannot send anyone past the 9:00 pm hour. Please Help me with this situation with Capitol One and have them reverse the Garnishment. Filing complaints with the Consumer Protection Bureau they contact Capitol One, they call me say We are the Corporate office and are "working on it" and then 6 calls later, still say they are "working on it" and then say someone else is "working on it" 10 voicemails later STILL not answering their attorney answers the Consumer complaint saying Capitol One is taking care of it, that was 2 weeks ago STILL haven't done ANYTHING!

Feb 22, 2016

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