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I have had many Capital One credit cards and paid them all on time. My credit score didn't change much after years of no missed payments, so I cancelled them. I purchased a car and it was through Capital One Auto Finance. The loan was obtained March of 2012 and I paid on time. Early in 2015, I noticed I was being billed twice, so I called customer service, the rep. apologized and I was still marked late in April of 2015. In the fall of 2015 the same thing happened and I was upset. The rep. started an investigation, and I continued paying, yet I angered them, so they passive aggressively marked me late consecutively. I started disputing all three credit bureaus because the late payments due to malfeasance and were staggered all over the place. Because I called all three bureau corporate offices they got in sync and screwed me collectively. Good thing we made hard copies. I plan to file a Federal Lawsuit to make Credit Bureaus take responsibility for their complicit actions, their deliberate and intentional malfeasance regarding, Capital One Auto Finance. Credit Scores are abused by large companies and corporations because Congress allows it. State and Federal agencies appear to be in collusion with the highest bidder because people appear to lose even when the Laws are on their side. Despicable on the part of politicians to allow this kind of Malfeasant behavior to be ongoing within consumer protection agencies and companies like Capital One, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. The loan was paid off January of 2017. Capital One is the worst credit card company according to the Securities Exchange Commission and other consumer protection agencies, Capital One files the most fraudulent lawsuits against consumers, and collects by default and nothing changes. This practice was investigated.

Mar 13, 2017
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  •   Mar 14, 2017

    Credit bureaus have no dog in your credit fight. They are only a reporting agency. They report the info supplied to them by your lender.

    I don't understand whay you mean by being billed twice. Do you have multiple accounts with Capital One?

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      Mar 14, 2017

    Credit Bureaus manipulate Credit Scores, intentionally, so they do screw consumers for financial gain it appears. All three Credit Bureaus are all over the place in reporting information, so they knowingly keep credit scores low. I no longer have any accounts with Capital One. They were all paid with NO LATE payments. The loan I had, they said I owed two payments, yet did not. I paid on time, yet they wanted a month in advance which is outrageous. Capital One appears to double bill many consumers, according to our research and is the worst company in the country per many government agencies.

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