Capital Management / Terrible company

1 Exchange St., Buffalo, NY, United States

I had received a letter in the mail stating that i had owed monies to a local bank in the area for a bank account that was closed. I contacted the collection agency at my own will to ask about this and work something out. I went ahead and started talking to a young lady who asked for all my information which i gave to her without hesitation.

I said that i called to work something out and take care of the situation. when i spoke to her i said that times are tight with money right i could do my best with making payments. I asked her if a certain amount would be sufficient and she said she would have to get ask a supervisor if they could do that.

Well seeing i was voluntarily willing to do the best i could i felt that they would say ok, yea no problem we can do that. Well i guess this company doesn't like to collect their money because she then put her supervisor on the phone and i asked him if this was ok and he said 'NO' without hesitation. I said but sir this is the only amount i could pay right now.

I am paying other bills along with this and its all i can afford. he told me to bad and they wouldn't accept it. He went on to tell me that obviously i didn't care about paying this and that paying my bill obviously wasn't important and that he has to get this money and will get it one way or the other.

I went on to tell him that he doesn't need to be rude about it, and asked him why he is being so disrespectful to someone who wanted to make payments. He threatened me and yelled in my ear and i said' sir you should not be yelling at me when i am trying to pay you the money the best i can. he continued to yell and talk over me and use a very 'LOUD' voice to talk over mine.

He literally started an argument with me. I told him if he continued to be rude and yell at me that i would contact the BBB and get a hold of my attorney if they would like to speak with him and he said go right ahead whats his number. I then asked him 'can i please make the payments i can afford?' and he told me that i have to pay what he says i have to pay.

Now how fair is that to the consumer. Especially if your going through hard times. These people have no right to tell us that we are the ones being rude when we are the ones calling them. Well it all ended up with him slamming the phone down and hanging up on me. This is suppose to be a supervisor.

To bad im sure these conversations don't get recorded. I contacted the bank i owed money to and told them their outside collection company was rude and very disrespectful and they apologized for them. I don't appreciate this from these companies. I know they need to get their money, but if they cant accept the amounts we can pay to them and tell us what to do and tell us that we don't pay our bills and scream and yell at us then what kind of company is that.

I would of loved to have known who was on the line with me because he kept talking over me when i asked for his name. Do not let this happen to you. I NEVER FELT SO PUT DOWN AND SO HUMILIATED being on the phone in an argument started by a collection agency SUPERVISOR. If this happens to you FILE A REPORT because i live in the area and i know a lot of people who have had problems with them and from what people have seen when i was on the phone they told me 'THEY CANT DO THAT'.


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