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I had the unfortunate luck of being rear ended, also unemployed, a single mom and an African American.My lawyer who is also dishonest, suggested these people to me as a way to receive some cash until my settlement.

They were rude to me at the first phonecall, they made me feel like a beggar and not worthy of their time. Anyway, I needed cash to feed my babies and took their $1, 000. I've been to college, I am educated just unlucky, they made me feel like a ghetto money hungry opportunist but they are the opportunists because I took $1, 000 and they in-return garnished 30% of my settlement after all their BS fees, my settlement was $22, 000. So basically, for $1, 000 they made $6, 600 and my crook of a lawyer took $7, 200 off the top, and after my medical bills, I was sent a $1, 800 check.

So, from $22, 000 in settlement money, I got $2, 800. They are a scammer ripoff and the owner/midget Howie Golden drinks champagne and eats caviar with my money and I eat sardines. Oh, and to add injury to my insult, they wanted to take my picture with a big check to post on their site, like i'm cattle.

They are horrible people.Stay away.

Capital Financing Atlanta
Capital Financing Atlanta

Nov 30, 2016

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