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Capital/Capitol Kia / Bad Salesmen

1 13573 N Hwy 183Austin, TX, United States Review updated:

Salesman tried to force the deal on my daughter while I was outside on the phone, telling her "She needed to get rid of me" and that I was "going to blow the deal for her". She is 18. He said she "NEEDED THIS DEAL" and that I was just in the way. He even went as far as to bring out papers for her to sign. I was only on the phone for 5 minutes. She had no credit and I was going to have to sign the papers anyway. Her boyfriend came out and told me the salesman had papers to sign. My daughter said he totally changed his attitude when I came back in. We had not even agreed on a price yet. They consistantly tried to make us pay for more than the amount we told them was our max dollar amount we wanted for a car. As were leaving the sales manager then tried to stron arm us into taking the deal, saying it was only good right then and he would not honor it later. He also said their rate was going to beat my credit unions. Even though he knew I worked at the credit union, he tried to tell me that there was no way I was going to get the low rate my credit union was offering due to government regulations. Whatever those were. He also said that if I tried for a used card the rate would double. Our credit union offers the same low rate for used cars as for new cars. He said "I am a card carrier of you credit union too and I know what I am talking about." I told him I worked there and he was completely wrong. He got mad and stompped away. I would never go back there and reccommend that noone else does either. They are the kind of dealer that the "Car Salesman" nightmare stories are based on. It wasn't just those 2, we actually had 4 salesman and managers try to force us into the deal.

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  • Cg
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree with you 100% I bought my KIA there, and the salesman (Carson) made my $169 payment go all the way up to $461 with all the added on policies, that I discovered are already covered by the manufacturer. These complaints should very well be lodged with the STATE OF TEXAS, Attorney General, , I wish I could cancel these policies now, the salesmen get paid by commission their objective is to draw you in and sell you everything they possible can., once you sign the contract and drive off its all over with, but the crying However I also believe that its all car dealers not just KIA @ Capitol inAustin, I do love my Sportage, just not the deal!

  • Ja
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    Yea Carson is a crooked he tells you whatever you want to hear like how about I throw in a 36 month 36k Miles warranty to cover any problems the car may have if you buy today. Then when its all said and done and you get into the signing room you find out that you are paying for the coverage. Also they never want to tell you the price of the car all the care about is how much you can afford a month then once you tell them they try to force you into something higher. I HATE THIS PLACE. They will say anything to you. I was looking at a car on their website that was $12, 500 I went in and they told me it was a type - o. Funny thing is there was 3 other cars same make and model all the same for the same price after telling me the car cost 369 a month. And I said no thank you Carson Finally said it was 16, 700.00 and I told him I looked around and everywhere else the car was 3 grand less he said he invested a lot into the car. I even had them pull up the nada guide and Kelly Blue Book Value and they told me the info on those sites where also wrong just like he info on there own site. The lied and said I had a 500 deposit which I didn't if I would let them finance the car for me. They also recommended I let them handle the financing even though I had a certified check from my bank they still wanted to run my credit and find me something else. Also a friend of mine purchased a car there and the car got totaled due to hail damage and there GAP insurance told them have the dealer cancel the extended warranty after Capital Kia said it was all done several different times my friend finally called on his own 6 weeks later when the pro rated check never came and was told Capital Kia never put in a cancellation for the extended warranty. Trust me if you can go somewhere else its well worth it. Any where is better than Capital Kia they need to be shutdown and put out of business.

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