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Wanting 2 help my husband out with the finances, i searched online looking 4 legit personal installment loans and came across these scam artists' website. I feeled out the application and left my number 2 be contacted at. For about 3 days, they tried 2 contact me. The reason why i didn't answer the phone was because they were calling from restricted #'s and i don't answer those. But one day, i just so dcided 2 answer just 2 see who it was. It was a "lori ellison" from capital alliance. She informed me that i had been approved for a 5000. 00 loan and that my payments would be $224 a month. It sounded good so she fax my my contract. She informed me that i had a few days 2 decide if i wanted 2 proceed. I told her that i would have 2 read it thoroughly b4 i provided my signature. So as i went through reading i noticed that the fine print read that the loan could not be processed until they got 224. 00 upfront 4 four months. Seeing as that my hubby n i had been scammed back in dec of 2007, i knew then that it was a scam. I faxed them a message saying "2 socalled capital alliance: u scam artists will soon be cut down by the wrath of god! That is a promise! Ger real jobs!" 5 minutes after that, "lori" called back asking if i had any ?'s. I stated yes and that i didn't understand the security collateral. She goes 2 tell me that my credit report has a few glitches and that was the only thing they could offer me. She either thought i was dumb and stupid or thought that i had 4gotten the application didn't ask 4 my ss#. I said how is that when i didn't provide u with my ss#. She said well now the companies have a soft process where we only need ur name and birthdate. I said interesting i nevr heard of that. She chuckled and said u should check n2 it. I said i find it weird that im applying for a loan trying 2 get money and here it is, u ask me 4 money. She said oh i understand that if u had the money u wouldn't be applying 4 a loan. But it's all we can offer. I said so after i send this how do i get my money. (The application also didn't ask 4 checking account info) she said we can direct deposit it or have fedx dliver it. I said well i want the money deposited it give me my account info. She stated well we don't need that right now mam we just need the contract now. So then i knew that it was time 2 end the fiascal. I said, "u guys are really 1st class acts! Preying on simple, everyday hardworking people. Why don't u all go get real jobs instead of being scam artists???" i am saved so 2 keep myself from using profanity, i hung up the phone because i had become very angry. This lady had the nerves 2 call me back!!! She tells me that she does not appreciate the tone i had taken with her and that i could take my contract 2 a lawyer. I replied well im sure if it looks real 2 me, it will look real 2 them. Their eyes are no better than mine's. I said the only thing u r upset about is the fact that u weren't able 2 con me. I have 2 admit she did start sounding apologetic when i was getting her st8. She said "omg mam i can't beleve u! That's not what i do. " (I guess she's knew 2 the con game and still has a conscience.) i said "u people need 2 stop and get real jobs! If u don't stop on ur own, i promise god will get u. " i thank god that i stop and thought about this thing b4 doing anythng else.

People please listen: when u get offers like this, just take a little time and common sense 2 see that their only scams. Real loan companies don't ask 4 money upfront and the 1's that charge a processing fee will take it out of the money they loan u. I know desperate times call 4 desperate measures. . . But not this desperate!!! Do not be a victim! I gave u this information to help and warn!!! Remember it's just better 2 be patient and wait on god. Be blessed!!!

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  • Ja
      27th of Apr, 2010

    I've just been browsing and checking this site out briefly and thought I would post a couple of comments under godsapple's comment.

    This has and could happen very often to unsuspecting, intelligent people. With computers in almost every home, the field is wide open to scam artists also probably legit loan companies who will give you easy money but with super high interest rates. I have always been very wise in my life to only deal with our hometown banks and credit unions, to always shred or burn those checks that come in the mail (including blank checks from credit card companies), to check out any uncommon company or an ad that may interest me by goggling it. This is actually how I found this web site. I also use and

    Only buy from a web site that is security protected, has privacy and terms and conditions. Try to buy from sites that offer pay-pal who sends you a digital security device you use with every order. Yes, I do my banking (I check my account every day) and bill paying on line. I have three security programs running at all times on schedules checks. I have six e-mail accounts which all have junk or spam mail that goes directly in those folders. I use one for only business, one for friends and relatives, one for shopping from my server. They will send me an e-mail every so often stating that they stopped a virus from coming into my computer. Every once in awhile I do like to enter sweepstakes (hotmail account), play games (google account) and reading (yahoo).

    Just be aware, as godsapple says, and check out your websites and protect yourself. I am glancing around this page and I see ads that I would never open. Happy surfing everyone and use caution.

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  • Ar
      12th of May, 2010

    i gave them 1.500 and now i can got a hold of them

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  • An
      12th of May, 2010

    Arsheil, let me guess, their phone has been disconnected?

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  • Js
      26th of May, 2010

    Hey all I was reading your discussion as I have been scammed from this company a month ago.. Promising also 5, 000 loan if I paid 6 month payment in advance due to poor credit. It is sad to see so many scammers preying on people with bad credit knowing they are in a desperate time. We paid out 730.00 plus 43.80 in western union charge to jamaica. I was fishy about it all along but it was my husband's deal so I kinda stepped back.. He had me read the contract over and I did.. 2-3 times and didn't see any discrepencies so I ok'd it. Now we are out 773.80. They called us back the next day when we were supposed to be receiving money and told us the "creditor" was asking for more money.. My husband immediately said no I want a refund this is a scam.. He also threatened them HOPING they would call the police so they could be caught but all we got was "you will get your refund on May 22, 2010 (our ordeal was in April 28, 2010). Imagine that, here it is May 26 and NO REFUND!! There is alot more detail to our ordeal but long story short. The day we realized we were scammed (april 29) we called the police and the attorney general for our state and there is an ongoing investigation and we are in the process of tracking them down to prosecute. There are many law agencies helping us out. So.. to the person that gave them 1500.. call your state attorney general and police and file a DETAILED report. Also if you gave them your bank routing number and account number like I did CLOSE THE ACCOUNT!! also put a freeze on your credit reports so that they cannot do identity theft also!! We know we have like 1% chance of ever seeing our money again.I have a feeling our investigation is what got them running and disconnecting or they just had what they wanted and were done with that particular scam...

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  • Hp
      1st of Jun, 2010

    Jseeka, the same thing just happened to me today!! I needed a 5000.00 loan for a surgery after just having a baby and needing this surgery that the insurance company says isn't "medically necessary" and Capital Alliance called me back from "Unavailable" and told me I was approved but needed to send out 9 months collateral because of my credit which was $915. So of course, I did. I worked overtime and extra and took time away from my child..AND MONEY, to get this collateral for my surgery and I scheduled the surgery and everything. I sent it to a Javia Lewis in Jamaica and paid $54.00 for the transfer. They called me on the day I was suppose to get my money and told me that Javia needed to "insure" my loan and they rechecked my credit and said I needed to pay another 9 months collateral, and I was crying because I knew I couldn't get the surgery at that point and was very hurt and I told him I just didn't have the money. He said "no problem, I will refund your money into your account on June 1" Well today was June 1st and I didn't get my refund, then I stumbled across this site. It really bums me out because I'm a single mother with barely anything who works VERY hard to support her child, and I just got screwed over by these people who have no idea what a REAL job is like. I called the police dept. around here and also I filed a report on (sheriffs dept. gave me this site) I would recommend doing this as well when you get a chance... I have a bad feeling I'm not going to get my money but I'm going to write to every news station and television show to get my story out there and save other people from the same hurting!

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  • Lf
      5th of Feb, 2015

    Got a scam letter/check in the mail from these people yesterday. It included a cashable $68, 000 check (with strings attached of course) for funding my restaurant. Fortunately I'm not an easy target for scams, neither am I desperate so of course I looked it up online to find out what the scam was and boy, was I right. Thank you to all if you for the great information you have provided to others from your experiences. This is how hard working Americans can really help each other. If it sounds too good to be true, it always is.

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  • Li
      19th of Feb, 2015

    I was other one of those people that scammed out of 850$ but they gave me the run around and I wish I seen this sooner

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  • Er
      29th of Dec, 2015

    Sent them 750$ and they asked for more each time, stole our money promised a refund that was never received i hope karma catches up with them asap

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  • Ma
      22nd of Apr, 2016

    Used to work here, only stayed there for a two months after their HR sent me a malicious text, told me i was a liability and fired me. Good thing I didnt sue them, owners, vps and managers are all pretty incompetent. I highly dont advise to deal business here, they are simply brokers. Go directly to a bank if u can to give u a good rate. U dont want to deal with ur business in an very unprofessional environment like this. Also, One of the VP used to do coke regularly in the breakroom.

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  • Ra
      17th of Jun, 2016
    Capital Alliance Fiancial Group - I was taken for 1000.00 and promised a loan for 10000 at monthly payments of 145.73 for 84 monthes
    Capital Alliance Fiancial Group
    414 Poplar Street
    United States
    Phone: 937-508-4524

    I had $1000.00 that I sent in and i was promised a loan
    for $10000.00 dollars to be paid back in 84 monthes at $145.73 never got the loan and never got my $1000.00 back

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  • Di
      29th of Sep, 2017

    Godsapple...your writing is awful. I had a heck of a time trying to go through what you were trying to say. I checked this company and they were listed on the BBB website and have a A+ rating. I'm not saying they are good or great and and maybe there are several "Capital Alliances" out there, but they are legit. My husband and I are talking with them at this time for a possible business loan and they have been nothing but professional and courteous.

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