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Cape Fear Hospital / Wrong derogatory entry

1 Fayetteville, United States

A few days ago, your company sent me a copy of my credit report that indicated two derogatory entries; one for$201.00 and the other for $330.00. The opening dates for both entries were July 2006.But it was reported to your company as a derogatory on September and October of 2008 with the unknown “account closed”. I believe theses two invoices are from my visit to Cape Fear Hospital on June 2 and 4, 2003. Cape fear Hospital recorded wrong data. As a result of this mistake, I didn’t receive any corresponding from the hospital and this can be proved by reviewing the hospital’s records. I assumed that all my medical bills were paid by my insurance. When I became aware of the unpaid balance, I immediately paid all the remaining balance in full.
Recently, I received a call from a collection agency regarding an unpaid balance for the 2003 visit at the Cape Fear hospital. I made several trips to Cape Fear and I faxed the collection agency a copy of my payment receipt indication zero balance. Your Company without researching the source and validation of this claim display negative and false entries hindering my credit score.
It appears that your establishment is eager to input negative entries on consumer credit reports or I cannot see a reasonable and rationale way of measuring consumer credit score. Therefore, I believed that your agency is bias against consumers like me. I may even go further to accuse your company of colleting illegal funds from Mortgage companies in order for them to charge a higher interest rate to consumers. Or it is possible; you are reflecting negative entries by exaggerating effect to persuade the public to pay you a monthly fee for an newly updated credit report.
It is very obvious that public is tired of big corporations taking advantage of consumers.
This is a warning to you, before I take a legal action against your agency. I am requesting that you take a fresh and fair look at my score considering my assets and income. My asset is approximately $4, 000, 000.00 and bank has loaned me more than $1, 000, 000 and I have been approved for another $1, 000, 000. How can your agency only evaluate my score as fair .is that because I only have a $5, 000.00 debt with high credit card rate and may be a capability to spend another $10, 000?The amount of this credit card liability compare to my asset and income is not even 1%.
Please try to adjust my credit rating accordingly to my income and assets. I look forward to hear from you and to see that you take immediate action to correct my credit rating. Failure to do so it will cost me an large sum of money.

Hosseinali Dowlatshahi

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